Being blessed with my degree in Business/Legal Office Administration and Paralegal certification along with passing the nursing assistant exam twice now I have come to a cross road in my life that I have never faced before. I am not only having migraine headaches, dizziness, nausea and dehydration but much trouble retaining information and recalling information. This is a brand new world for me and not such a very nice place to be in. A world unknown to me as I have never had a problem with studying and immediately retaining and being able to recall information. I have never experienced this problem and it is a huge change for me in my life. Planning to talk it over with the neurologist on the 26th at Emory.

My mother was a nurse and so wishing today that I had my mother and father or at least my aunt to talk to or turn to not feeling well. Wondering why certain family members and friends alike just “sit” on my facebook friends list. To be nosy? Or visit my page just to be nosy and judgmental.

With a very exciting Spring ahead as I prepare for my CPS exam just as soon as possible and hopefully onto working in the local ER or the Mental Health Courts. I am counting down.

63 days 12 hours 34 minutes 16 seconds UNTIL SPRING!

On bed rest but wanting to venture out and see if I can find any flowers in bloom? Found some really pretty ones at the New Year on Floyd Street. May venture into town for a few minutes perhaps.


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