My medical fund and prayer requests

This journey into the hands of Neurology is asking a lot of me. I have suffered excruciating headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and dehydration. I have been put on bed rest by the attending physician at Rockdale Hospital. I am on antibiotics for an infection and on pain medication for the migraine headaches. I see Emory Neurology on January 26th but have had to put off my Certified Peer Specialist exam until the spring in March. I am also unfortunately unable to assist with any of my patients at this time. Not sure that I will be able to tolerate the pain until seeing the neurologist. The pain medication just does not seem to be touching my headache or giving me any comfort nor easing off.

Hating the fact of not being able to work and assist and tend to my patients and having to put off my  Certified Peer Specialist exam until spring truly has me depressed and bummed out. Things in life were going along so swell until the headaches and nausea began.

I have been on full disability since 2008 to present and am also a carrier of the genetic disease Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. For the last nearly 18 months now I have worked as needed as a nursing assistant and have completed training classes through The GA Mental Health Consumer Network to obtain my Certified Peer Specialist exam. I am a single mother unable to work at the moment. I purchase my own prescriptions  and foresee to be out of work fora while up until I undergo further treatment through Neurology. My disability I receive does not even touch paying and furnishing for all my bills and needs to be met and now to have been out of work and with additional time off needed I am fretful and fearful that I will not make it through the end of the month nor into February obligations.

Attending Eastridge Community Church for Sunday morning services, growth group, step-study class and Celebrate Recovery. Studying in Ephesians and how this is thought of to be the greatest letter ever written. As a matter of fact written by Paul from inside prison walls among other books he wrote from inside prison walls.

Working hard and diligently devoted to life, church, education and my career unfortunately struggling with and facing a difficult time with my health at the moment.

If you would even just take a moment to leave an encouraging word or prayer that would be great. Uplifting ones spirits goes a long way and prayer moves mountains.

Thank you all,




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