Adult coloring to Journaling and Blogging

I began adult coloring in August of 2004 while in the psychiatric institution Peachford for marital abuse and Codependency as the caregiver. I could not read and write at the time. I was so catatonic and numb that I would not pull myself together enough to focus to read and write so the staff had me coloring adult coloring pages.

Adult coloring pages then went to weekly support groups then onto blogging at WordPress and blogging now for over 4 years at The Covington News. Now with hopes of a published memoir. Just as in the hope once upon a time for working as a nursing assistant. Goal accomplished. Just as in one day hoping to have my Paralegal certification. Goal achieved. Just as in hoping to attend classes and training to become a Certified Peer Specialist for the State of Georgia. Goal accomplished.

Now having great difficulty retaining and recalling information I found this great series of Dream Catcher adult coloring sheets and downloaded them and printed them for coloring. Getting back to the heart of me through Dream Catchers and where it all began for me anyway coming full circle this week once again in my life. Ken was kind in giving me his set of coloring pencils that he had and so I have been able to get started on my first adult coloring sheet since 2004-2005. Oh how I loved it and have missed it. Now it is all the craze! Who would have thought? Wish I had my own adult coloring book through the years that I could print.

For now dreaming of a career in the local emergency room, The Mental Health Courts or The Public Defender’s Office using my Paralegal and Certified Peer Specialist skills and training in my career.

Overcoming numbness by adult coloring and penning and journaling is an excellent place to get started. For me Dream Catcher’s have been a part of my life since  a very young girl and especially during my marriage so I have broken through to being able to be so close to Dream Catcher’s once again. Signifying new birth in the new direction of the unfolding of my old self out of the ashes into the me today. I’d be happy to discuss with you my psychiatric institution stay if you care to or need help coping. Over these next couple of months while I wait until March to sit for my CPS exam I plan on teaching some classes at New Rock through View Point Health to my peers. I want to teach to them from my CPS Manual and Study Guide giving them all insight into becoming a CPS.

I loved the investigation process while doing my internship with the Newton County Public Defender’s Office in 2002 with Esquire Mr. John Strauss, Sr. being his very first intern and hope to get back to and give back to my community once again with what once was considered dead, null and mute by man’s standards. I have now conquered those doubts and surpassed everyone’s standards and belief in me. You can too! Say hello!




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