Good Morning. This is still me. I have listened to the meditation music all night and I do have some relief in my head and body. I also had a wonderful smoothie of banana, orange, lemon, green apple and flax seed just before bed. I have only slept a couple of hours but feel a little more rested to have finally gotten a couple hours sleep. I have taken classes and taught classes on holistic healing and a dear friend of mine Mrs. Alecia suggested I listen to some meditation music to try and clear my mind and to rest my mind and my body. Being so excited over my CPS training and upcoming interview with a local doctor has me on cloud 9 and overwhelmed. As of this moment my MRI is scheduled for the 25th and neurology visit the 26th at Emory. I am so prayerful this is manageable with coping skills and small and simple in nature so that it is manageable for me. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. For all those interested in my “personal inventory” given I have had great statistics on my blog the last couple of days I am just about to get started on it working on it over the next few days. I will more than likely not use any specific names only relationship. Feeling drawn to my Celebrate Recovery Bible this morning and a daily devotional.


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