Stalkers, body shamers spreading slanderous stigma, hatred and bullying continue in my life. The way you speak to or about another is a clear reflection of oneself not the person you are throwing the stone at. In an effort to end body shaming. I do not feel that I have any resemblance to a male and am fed up with the online bullying when I have turned it over to investigations. Gain some self esteem and self worth and sweep around your own front door or better yet take a “class” on self esteem and self awareness.

Feels just comfortable in my skin I assure you. My education and career have been and continue to be very rewarding along with my social life that involves my community and church activities. Shame on haters and quit stalking my facebook page and then running to DH land and shaming someone when you do not even know the facts. I am comfortable in my skin and that is all in this world that matters.


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