I was just fine when I came in around Noon from the Salon where Mrs. Marcella and Mrs. Deb treated me so graciously to having my hair washed, conditioned and dried along with a little make up. I then visited another site that I often frequent and had some very nasty comments made about me and the fact that I was having my hair and make up done when I had been so sick. Precisely the reason to have my hair and make up done. I have to depend solely on myself. I do not have a support system. I have a job interview on Monday morning, an MRI scheduled for that afternoon and a neurology appointment on Tuesday morning. Of which I am scared to death about all of this considering how ill I have been and the headaches, dizziness, nausea and dehydration all of which has been medically documented. I allowed a group of haters to spread stigma and hatred and bullying and for me to get all upset and fall prey to their childish immature mind games. They no longer serve a purpose for me. I plan on deleting my profile from the site and sticking to those that truly love me on facebook, WordPress and The Covington News. These individuals no longer serve a purpose nor good will towards my life nor my progress. They are so full of themselves that they stalk me on my facebook page and then spread awful nasty rumors degrading and demeaning and belittling someone. Yes I have been sick and yes I am scared of what the doctor’s may say but I also have a life that has to be lived or I will be out on the street homeless and with no auto, no shelter, no food, no clothing. I count on me. I have to be at the top of my game. I do not have a choice in the matter at this time in my life as I solely support myself but I was having a very beautiful morning until I got home and saw the nastiness that had been spread about me now my head is killing me and I have to realize it is time to let this group of individuals go as they no longer serve a purpose in my life as all they do is spread stigma, hate, drama and bullying and it gets me upset and worked up as I cannot stand a bully nor anyone who acts against humanity. Lying in bed about to have dinner thinking long and hard on who actually serves a purpose and good will towards my life at this time. Friends and family included.




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