My visit with Emory University Hospital 2016

I have been stuck a dozen times in the last 48 hours while at Emory and boy do IV’s hurt now. I have never had a phobia of IV’s or a problem with them until now. I could care less if I never see another needle again which I know is not going to be the case but I am so prayerful. I am awaiting the test results of an MRI and an MRA and a CT Chest Scan with follow up to my primary care physician within (1) day along with pulmonology and neurology for all my results. After my MRI and MRA for the initial problems of headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting I had complication’s from the tests and had to be admitted into the emergency room. I had a very low blood pressure of 80/60 and they had me to sit on the edge of the bed and stand to help with my blood pressure and try and keep me awake and alert. I had a CT Chest Scan performed after EKG and Chest X Ray with contrast and became very ill once again. I am under a doctor’s care 24 hours a day from Emory and am on bed rest until further notice.

Ken and I spent some time in the healing and prayer garden while at Emory University Hospital and I firmly believe this is what has helped me remain stable and no “bad” news as of yet other than bloodwork being off that could be the result of a blood clot. I am awaiting further follow up. The prayer and healing garden is a beautiful place and Ken and I took a photo with the guardian angel that guards over the gardens.

I have seen and Ken has told me where many people have sent prayer and well wishes to me. I am at home now in bed and making my follow up appointments and awaiting to hear from the hospital for results. I appreciate each of you and am reading over each prayer and each and every thank you at the moment on my facebook page.

Maintaining a budget is killing me at the moment though with atleast a dozen prescriptions, gas money to and from Emory in Atlanta and the doctor’s, good food and fresh fruit. So many things that I am in need of at the moment but do appreciate your prayer and graciousness and your prayer is mighty and grace enough for us.

Ken having Parkinson’s it has worn him out helping to take care of me. He slept most of the night in the floor in my room at Emory. It seemed everytime I got comfortable and warm here would come another nurse with another IV for me or more fluids or medicine.

I have read most of the facebook posts and really appreciate everyone.

Mrs. Martha Beatty, Ken’s mother, has been especially worried about us. It has been so good to read and hear from everyone now that I am home resting. On bed rest until further notice and working on my follow up appointment’s and getting all my results back. I am very hopeful that everything will be just fine. I am also a carrier of Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency that Emory is concerned over as well. I try and not dwell on the fact I live with a genetic deficiency and try and not live my life focused around it at all. I do advocate for the illness but hate thinking about being a carrier and living it everyday.

I wanted to share my photos of the prayer and healing garden at Emory and give special thanks to the Emory University Hospital emergency room staff who is great and has given me such great care over the last 2 days. I will keep everyone posted about all my tests results and the outcome.

I recently had an interview with a local clinic for CPS with the drug courts of Newton County and am very hopeful about the position. I have to keep myself in a good and positive frame of mind so that I can carry out my goal of becoming a CPS and continuing to being solely supportive of myself for me, my children and my livelihood. I thank you all for continuing with me on this journey and just ask for your gracious prayer for good results from all of my tests and for this job position to be given to me just as soon as possible. I was told I should know something by mid February. I am very hopeful and prayerful.

Praying the light headedness and dizziness and nausea clears up with the medication I have been given. I have to get them filled at some point today, somehow. I am going to see if my friend William can help me with the expense of all the prescriptions and prescription for daily shots for my headaches. I will keep you all posted and please enjoy these photos of the healing and prayer gardens at Emory.

Thank you Emory for keeping such close contact on me and having me right outside your arm’s reach for the last 2 days and taking such good care to give me the utmost excellent in health care. My neurologist and ER doctor are the BEST EVER! I could not ask for better doctor’s to have attended to my health. As I prayed for their guidance and direction in the healing and prayer garden. Thank you Emory and thank you friends who have continued to share in my story.



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