Okay so I now know I suffer changes in my brains activity from migraines according to the neurologist and I have silent sinus syndrome disease that will require an upcoming surgery. I have been put on bed rest and pain and nausea medication along with injections that I must give myself twice daily. I have felt just terrible but feel very blessed to sing the Lord’s Hallelujah’s and praises today! I have had my head, chest and abdomen examined and CT Scan performed and labwork a dozen times and given I am only diagnosed with changes in my brains activity due to migraines and sinus disease and dehydration I feel so blessed beyond measure and to be able to say that the Lord has truly blessed me and I feel highly favored in his sight. So thankful that I will hopefully be able to cope with the headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and dehydration with these injections daily and pick up with and get on with my life as a nursing assistant and Certified Peer Specialist. Thank you all for your prayer and continued support as prayer is very powerful and I feel has pulled me through this very difficult time as I have had many others praying for me. I am so very grateful that my Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency is under control and everything seems and appears to be fine with my liver panel and my CT Chest Scan. Ready to get back to life as a nursing assistant and on with my future as a Certified Peer Specialist. I went on interview just a few days ago for a position with the drug Court’s in Newton County and the interview went really well. I plan on sending them a follow up and thank you letter and hopefully and prayerfully the job will pan out for me. That would be the perfect fit for me given I have worked closely with Mr. John Strauss, Sr. of The Newton Public Defender’s office and as a juvenile probation officer for The Southwest Key program. Thanks for continuing this journey with me. I had a dear friend Mary Nichelson pray with me at the hospital and this is her prayer that really touched my heart.

Mary Nichelson

Oh, April. I am so sorry. I am praying for God’s healing right now…”In the name of Jesus provide healing for April. Give her rest and freedom from the headaches and digestive disruption. I pray that you Lord give the doctor’s wisdom and answers and those things that are hidden, bring them to light. Do not let your servant, April, suffer a day longer. Lord give her peace and may she feel your presence and know that this is temporary and it won’t always be this way. May your healing power begin flowing through her body this moment and may she rest in the knowledge that you will make all things new. Renew her mind. Heal her body, Give her rest. May she bask in your presence. Do not deny her your presence. May the Holy Spirit comfort her. In your wonderful and powerful name, Amen!!”



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