May the Lord lessen their heavy load and burdens. My heart is with you all.

This has been a particularly hard week for myself and my community in that I have dealt with the passing of 3 honorable gifted souls.

First of all a young Andrea Tyrah DeBruhl, age 5, died of a death ruled accidental caused by asphysxia while on the playground at school.

It is so very sad mourning her loss and imagining the pain and suffering her family must be experiencing. My heart cries out for them in so many ways.

There was also a young gentleman of Alcovy High School that committed suicide this week and my heart is pouring over with grief for him and his family as well. Being in a place of thought’s of suicide is a very dark place and I am so worried for both of these families as our community mourns and grieves their loss. Such young and young at heart and carefree lives taken so carelessly in both instances. Lives taken from us much too soon and to be remembered forever in our hearts as a community and our prayer with the families.

My Certified Peer Specialist Ms. Brenda Williams also passed away just in the last few days. A golden CPS and wonderful teacher, advocate and friend of mine for such a very long time. Her door was always open and she always shared her recovery story with me in hopes that I would one day go on to pass the CPS classes and training. Just as I have finished up my training and graduation she passes away. I had so much in mind for us as CPS together. She will be terribly missed by myself and many of View Point Health as she is irreplaceable. I feel just mortified by all these deaths and have gone to the Lord in prayer on several instances asking him to help all those in pain and anguish suffering and mourning the loss of a loved one. Knowing that Ms. Brenda did everything within her powers to be an amazing CPS at New Rock she was treasured by me and many.

She was never all about the glitz and glam nor of being high society. She was focused on her peers and their recovery always being sure to include us in her recovery story. She always had a smile on her face and in her heart and a hug for me if ever I needed one. She was my mentor, my friend, encourager and life line to becoming a CPS. I will always remember and hold dear Ms. Brenda. This is how I saw her she gave me permission to feel safe in my own skin, to feel worthy, to feel like I was enough. She will be greatly missed.

As I was out today for a short while getting some sunshine I had noticed just a couple of days ago that flowers were already in bloom in my community. These to me represent these young lives that were so sadly taken from us long before their time. God has greater plans in store for these individuals and I can only hope that they are watching down on me guiding my steps now and rejoicing among the angels in glory land with the heavenly father at their side. Enjoyed seeing the flowers in bloom today but sadly we may not see this come to fruition as we have another cold snap in our near future.

Hoping you got some sunshine today and please remember these individuals and my community in your prayer’s today as we thrive to piece our lives back together offering and praying for peace and grace in abundance to these families so grief stricken. May the Lord lessen their heavy load and burdens. My heart is with you all.

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