Dream Catcher’s were always such a large part of my marriage and adult life up until my divorce. I once shyed away from them out of shame, guilt and grief. Having stood up for myself and up to life I can now say since the opening of Rustic Flair on Floyd where I spotted the first Dream Catcher I cared to see in years I immediately fell back in love and felt empowered. The Dream Catcher holds such special meaning of empowerment, strength, hope and courage in the face of adversity for me. This is me embarking upon new journeys of faithful discovery. Here’s to a new page. Having completed my Spiritual Moral Personal Inventory and on my way to working as a CPS in the mental health field and having vanquished my ex husband in the eyes of the law I feel great and very encouraged by my faith, hope and dreams along with accomplished goals that I feel so good about myself. And all the while alone thriving for the fittest of survival. Thankful and glory be to God for allowing me to finish up my Inventory and having have had such a beautiful day today. I am not going to allow haters, stigma and drama run my life. Either get on the same page with me as my family or friend or get out of my life. Looking for the brighter side of today and the glorious new dawning of tomorrow.


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