The BIG Event Eastridge Community Church Covington Campus 2016

I had the best Hot Cocoa EVER prepared by Colleen Sullivan Horn and her girl’s. I had two cups. We had our choice of chocolate chips, mint chocolate chips, marshmallows, sprinkles and whipped cream! I just could not resist a second cup. Thank you ladies so much. You will have to come and have a visit with Eastridge Community Church Covington or Jackson Lake Campus and get to know my church and forever family. Several years ago the very first time I attended Eastridge Community Church I was homeless and went with a friend and boy did I pray while I was there. I have since found much comfort and joy at the church and my life has been embodied and filled with the spirit by attending Sunday morning worship service, Sunday morning growth group class with Honorable Ozburn as lecturer, Celebrate Recovery on Thursday evening’s and my ladies Step – Study class for the last several months just finishing up my Spiritual Personal Moral Inventory. I have struggled with feeling loved and wanted even though so many reach out to many every week and offer comfort, a kind word, a hug, holding of my hand and a smile. As I have worked my Step Study Inventory I have discovered I struggle and suffer with depression, grief and feelings of abandonment and rejection with no closure with several family member’s of mine that I have worked through religiously with my psychiatrist to recover from. The church has given me a place to call home and many people have shown me love I just often times feel as though I lose my faith in humanity and then the Church will hold a gathering such as this afternoon and I see my church and forever family and get to spend time with everyone and realize just how strong my faith has grown in Jesus and in good Christians since my walk began with Eastridge upon that very beginning of my being homeless and praying for the Lord to send me comfort, peace and joy. There is no other church like Eastridge as they have offered me such comfort, joy and many classes to take to help my self – help recovery. The mentors and Elder’s are by far the greatest team you could ever ask for and I am so grateful and graciously amazed at how much the church continues to love and hold me near. Please come join us at Eastridge. I would be happy to show you around on Thursday night at Celebrate Recovery and have you join CR 101 to discover an entire new world that awaits you full of the Lord’s guidance, spirit and love that is expelled in this church family in so many wonderful ways. They have held me near and dear and offered so much love and kindness and opened doors for me that once did not exist. I think the Lord heard me that day upon being homeless and placed good Christian mentors and friends into my life that I can spend quality time with and come to love and know heart to heart.

The Hot Cocoa was the best thing of the evening for me! We also shared in ice – cream, ice – cream sandwiches, Movies & Popcorn, Sugar cookies that you yourself got to decorate, a photo booth with many props and the kids absolutely loved the face painting that Mrs. Renee Rutledge organized and ran. The line for face painting stayed very long way into the evening. There was even Corn Hole and jumping trampolines for the children. There was amazing music held in the Sanctuary that I sat and listened in awe of the band’s talent and raising my spirits to the Lord. It was a perfect evening preparing me for my ladies Step – Study class where we would work on Lesson 13 and I would share in discussion of the sharing of my Inventory tomorrow on Monday with my Sponsor for Codependency as the caregiver and enabler, depression, anxiety, grief and often times denial which I have discovered through Inventory along with feelings of abandonment, neglect, rejection and even often times fear and rage that I have overcame. Celebrate Recovery has been like a best friend to me through the last several years. Always there and always with an open and loving arms to welcome me. I owe the CR Team a whole lot that I could never repay them. Being baptized with a re commitment to Jesus by the Pastor of CR Mr. Brad Rutledge meant the world to me to share in that moment with my church family. I owe CR undoubtedly my whole heart. Please come join us at Eastridge and I welcome you to our family and would love to welcome you with open loving arms into a lasting and forever relationship that you can lean on and always count on for a loving smile and listening ear. Which is grace enough for me and my sins.


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