A Trauma not transformed is transferred. Ashley Judd

A Trauma not transformed is transferred. Ashley Judd

March is Women’s history month and I hope to be able to reach my family, friends, mentors, community, local attorney’s, law enforcement and Judges alike with my piece.

A woman can now see her children, love them, hold them, have a full, open and loving bond with them even if she is a carrier of a mental illness or mental defect.

A woman that is a family violence victim can now be a part of her children’s lives to spite being the victim and abused and used up and taken advantage of or crippling her into the agony and despair of depression.

A woman can now be reunified with the children she may have once lost to being diagnosed with a mental illness or being a family violence victim. There can and shall be a full, open and loving bond of reunification process to take place between mother and child(ren).

A woman can now be recognized as obtaining her Certified Peer Specialist Certification through the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network and The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities even given she may suffer from mental illness or defect herself personally or as a result of an abusive marriage.

There have been 1300+ Georgia Certified Peer Specialists Since October 2001

I have graduated my Georgia Certified Peer Specialist training for the State of Georgia and plan to continue to work in the medical health field and along with pursue a career in the Mental Health Courts given I also have my Paralegal Certification.

A Trauma not transformed is transferred. Ashley Judd

My children are the prime example of this. As they have been allowed with parental consent to abandon their education. Living life with no homes, employment and many children that the State of Georgia has paid for the carrying of, labor and delivery and caring for these grandchildren of mine due to attorney incompetence and negligent Judges in Rockdale County Georgia.

A daughter is currently suffering having lost custody of a son including having many factors of remiss, neglect and abuse against her pertaining to her own child. Along with The Department of Family and Children Services actively in her and her children’s lives having now lost her own son and another that has lived with his father for years now.

My girls have been put in a position of sleeping on floors or their children sleeping on floors. No food, no transportation and no homes along with allegations of remiss, neglect and abuse on their parts as their natural father allowed a very neglectful and abusive natural mother back into their lives after being court ordered not to allow her to see the girls due to remiss, neglect and abuse on her part.

A Trauma not transformed is transferred. Ashley Judd

When does the madness end? Our divorce was over 10 years ago and Mr. Sasser does and has not had a single time to yet question me, hint, suggestion, implication nor accusation as to any wrong doing, remiss, neglect or abuse as a mother nor as a wife in 10 plus years.

However the Court’s and Mr. Sasser chasing me out of their lives due to being admitted to the hospital for family violence and mental illness brought on by many years of family violence has ruined my girls lives and brought upon their demise.

I have survived and thrived in this world as I have blossomed and continue to grow and thrive without Mr. Sasser as my husband and have for over ten years now taken care of myself single handedly as a single mother now having to watch my very own girls suffer because Mr. Sasser and his family took the fact that initially in the beginning I could not see my girls due to being a patient at Peachford with no history of alcoholism nor drugs on my behalf. Chasing me out of their lives has only ruined their lives and continued on with the cycle of abuse I attempted to break and did break the barriers of for over ten years as their primary care giver.

It is a sad day when you have to watch your children ache and suffer due to parental neglect and remiss after chasing you out of their lives with no apparent truthful reasoning to support running with that and attempting to brainwash them against you even though they have full recollection of a beautiful childhood and wonderful memories of you as their loving and doting mother and pillar of your community.

I have worked hard in the O.C.G.A. to make the difference so that the travesty of trauma being transferred to them did not take place but given personal accounts and stories from my girls it most certainly has in their lives. With no public nor personal apology from the attorney’s involved nor the Judge’s that were responsible for this horrific and unnecessary act of separating me from my girls even given physician assurance that I was in my right frame of mind and very concerned for my children and had never been a threat to myself or a threat or harm to others. Simply being a patient at Peachford over 10 years ago for Codependency as the caregiver and depression and recovery from family violence has led to trauma being transferred to my children as it was never transformed. Even thought the Courts have time and time again ruled in our full favor and behalf and for my girls to receive therapy this transformation has never taken place given Mr. Sasser has never saw to it nor his family. All of my children have suffered at the hands of the law and have an arrest and incarceration history but now my daughter just recently losing custody of her son and having a drug arrest of her own to deal with and with nowhere to go or anyone to help direct and guide her paths. I have not been aggressive, shown aggression nor lashed out at any attorney or Judge involved in our story even though I have been very hurt and upset. I have continued the positive route instead of the backlash that most parent’s would have given I have not. Remaining calm and collected and allowing the Court’s to oversee this case and which has ruled in our full behalf and favor many times over yet Mr. Sasser and his family would much rather see my girls suffer in their own lives than to offer me an apology and admit they were wrong and allow me access to all my girls without making them feel that they can have no contact with me or they do not love their father or family if they so choose to. According to Esquire Matt Ledbetter they have certainly been brainwashed through the years. And according to Honorable Ozburn have scars that continue to fester and never have the opportunity to heal over.

A Trauma not transformed is transferred. Ashley Judd


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