Thank you for sharing that.
My girls were thrown into the backseat of a car by their grandfather and I never saw them again. I went to Nortside for treatment for family violence, battery and mental breakdown due to not being able to locate and missing my girls and the battery against Mr. Sasser. The case was closed 2 weeks later according to Lt. Mumford due to not being able to locate me. I was at Peachford for recovery from Codependency as the caregiver and enabler. Please consider where all these participants were in August of 2004 with their lives. The attorney’s incompetent and Judge neglectful. Not until I pursued the case and insisted on seeing my girls was anything done about this. “They” all knew exactly where I was and why I was in the hospital. My daughter’s lives have been ruined. I adopted 3 girls and broke the cycle of abuse now I am worried sick to death for my 17 year old biological daughter given the life of her sisters and the life they are living. I do not want to be a nuisance but I feel that Rockdale County and Mr. Sasser and his family are still ruining their lives. I have had much success in The Alcovy Judicial Circuit in Juvenile and in Superior Courts over the last 10 years and was always successful in Rockdale prior to adopting my 3 girls. So you are welcome for ensuring a woman and mother’s future in the O.C.G.A. for family violence victims and the mentally challenged as I was not leaving it the way it was of record in August of 2004. I refused to allow that to be the last words of the Court. So you and all local family law attorney’s are welcome. Thank you for your kind words

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