Taking such pleasure in being home and warm. Warm and cozy PJ’s, a warm sweater and warm socks with just finishing up a mug of coffee from Square Perk Cafe and thinking about putting me another pot on as I write this. I think  shall as I continue to think about my surroundings captured tonight. Thinking of all my surroundings as my pot brews. I guess thinking of the I spy game and enlightening you to a little of what you happen to see captured here tonight which is a window into me.

Journals, Books, Bibles, CPS Manual, photographs of my 5 children, candles, candy, laptop, desk, magazines, newspapers, mug of coffee, stationery, lotion and all in warm PJ’s and a warm sweater. I have since put my socks on. It has been extremely cold here in Georgia today. Windy, sleeting, cold and a very cold and hard rain has fell just about all day today. Happy at home. I served at the greatest place to be on a Thursday night Celebrate Recovery Eastridge and heard one of the most touching, poignant and inspiring testimonies I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. I left early tonight from church due to a terrible headache. It just will not let up. I am becoming addicted to Aleve and it is beginning not to touch the headaches along with my prescriptions. I have tried so hard holistically healing myself with journals, fresh fruit & veggies smoothies, vitamins, spices, candles, exercise, light music, cold dark rest and just pushing forward into forcing myself to face the day and have the most positive day ever. All bills paid for the month today and very happy to say Ken and I are celebrating a milestone in our lives today. Gladly together and very happily. I have some reading I need to do and some reading and journaling I “want” to do. I feel like all I can do is go and rest in the dark peacefulness of my bedroom. This is not what I want to be doing every night for the rest of my life. I have so much around me that interests my heart and strikes my fancy and captures my attention but I often feel so terrible and consumed by these headaches. They are relentless and maddening.

Recollecting some of these books I have collected over the last 12 years and journals. For the most part I did not have these while married. Maybe a handful if I went through everyone of them as I lost everything at the time of my divorce to spite my marital divorce award Mr. Sasser disposed of everything of mine from my entire life and left me with “nothing.” No belongings whatsoever. Other than our filing cabinet which I took the day I left not expecting he would dispose of and toss out all my entire life’s personal belongings without any thought as to how I would feel and my marital divorce award.

So many of these are books and journals full of my divorce and recovery. The only thing that matters now at this point is my Certified Peer Specialist manual and my Bibles and of course the photography of my 5 children that I hold near and dear to my heart that I have set up around my apartment and plan on even more to come. Finally having my CPS Manual and graduation certification for the State of Georgia. Tyler and Charli have been in correspondence and it is some of the sweetest most heart to heart brother and sister conversation you could ever imagine hearing. Journaling and admiring my children’s photos. Have a good evening and stay warm.


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