Rustic Flair on Floyd

Getting back to the heart of me. What I once loved so much and lost as a young single mother thinking that I would never find my love of The Native American again. Yet Rustic Flair on Floyd has sparked my love and true heart’s desire in me all over again with their Dream Catcher’s. The heart of me. The young girl that fell so deeply in love with Dream Catcher’s and their holistic and medicinal healing powers. Suffering through a very long and painful divorce I had to let these go. I could no longer muster up the strength, courage or faith to be in love with a young girl love of mine again as it brought up too many memories of my marriage and my children in such a disheartening way. It seemed to only thwart my recovery. Since having much success in the O.C.G.A. and the Court’s and visiting Rustic Flair on Floyd since the very first moment I fell right back in love with the handmade Dream Catcher’s and felt they were put there in that very moment to comfort me and bring me back to a reality that I loved that was lost for so many years. When you lose a piece of yourself you are never sure if you will find it again. I am still looking for my whole self wellness but have came a long way through the last 10 plus years. I have recently finished up a ladies step -study class through Celebrate Recovery Eastridge and was able to journal my thought’s and feelings about my divorce and grief and was able to share this Spiritual Personal Moral Inventory with my sponsor. It took me over 3 hours to share my Inventory and it felt as though I had a million pounds lifted off my shoulders and I had climbed a mountain and made it to the top. See my marital home was full of Native American collectibles and Dream Catcher’s and I just could not bear for years to even look at a Dream Catcher. Now a days though I have several in my bedroom and recently had one made for my SUV mirror so that I could have a little piece of Rustic Flair on Floyd with me all the time and the special meaning it has given back to me of my love of The Native American and the healing gifts and protection of The Dream Catcher. I have a tattoo that embodies me, my ex husband and all my children that I am soon to have some detailed work done to in order to cover up the symbolism of my ex husband and replace it with a Dream Catcher with feathers to represent me and my success in the Court’s and with Judges and therapists along with finally graduating Certified Peer Specialist training classes for the State of Georgia. Just glad to be back to the heart of me and working on my Certified Peer Specialist manual and obtaining employment in the mental health world.


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