Pretti Southern of Truvi’s Hair Barn Covington GA Hollywood of The South

Pretti Southern of Truvi’s Hair Barn Covington GA Hollywood of The South.

Today being International Women’s Day I wanted to feature Mrs. Debra Griffin Lewis of Pretti Southern at Truvi’s Hair Barn in Covington Georgia, The Hollywood of The South. Mrs. Deb is one of the most giving, nurturing caring, understanding and unselfish and most honest, ethical and professional ladies I have ever had the pleasure to know. She always gives of her time and her love. Her energy and positive upbeat bubbly personality makes her the best cosmetician and beauty consultant in Covington, GA. She truly cares for and goes out of her way for her friends and clients and is so God loving and fearing that she rubs off on you with each moment you visit with her. You must schedule your appointment with Mrs. Deb today for your Spring facial, makeover and have your skin excised by a professional and gentle giving soul. Mrs. Deb has been working on my fine laugh lines and pores for some time now. I just recently had a facial and use Pretti Southern’s 3 in 1 cream that is a must have of the Season. You must get in touch with Mrs. Deb as you will get your skin in tip top healthy shape and ready to face the upcoming Summer months. You need the added coverage in order to protect your skin and what better place to treat yourself than Pretti Southern at Truvi’s Hair Barn with Mrs. Deb who always treats you like family. I cannot say enough about what a  wonderful mentor, friend and caring soul Mrs. Deb has been to Ken and I. Please call Mrs. Deb today and schedule your appointment and yes you may mail order purchase from Mrs. Deb on any of her products and she also does ear piercing which the little girls particularly love. So on the International Women’s Day I honor and praise you Mrs. Deb as you are truly a mother figure to me and a gift to the world just in being yourself and giving so freely and unconditionally to others. I hope you were able to spend this International Women’s Day with a wonderful woman of your life too. Thank you for trying to cheer me up earlier today Mrs. Deb. We are going to make you a household name just yet if it is the last thing I do!

Mrs. Deb can be reached at 678-227-2140 and Thank you all!



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