I had my appointment with Emory Ear, Nose and Throat today. The doctor was great. She sat with me and went over my MRI and as well did a scope examination of my nose and throat. She does not feel that the silent sinus syndrome is effecting my migraine headaches. She feels it is neurological. It was a very neat experience to get to see on screen the inside of my nasal cavities and throat pallet. She said that there was no signs of infection at all. I have one side of my sinuses that is smaller than the other but other than that this is all the silent sinus syndrome consists of and with no signs of any cancer or infection of my sinuses or throat. I am to follow up with Neurology. I have been taking injections for my migraines and all of a sudden they have started giving me chest pains. I have been hurting since last night at time of my injection. The neurologist called me in another medication and said to try it for the headaches and to be seen at the emergency room for the headaches and chest pain and shortness of breath if it did not clear up within a couple of hours. I am at home resting now hoping that this new medication will relieve some pain. I have also been very upset with the ladies of the Alpha 1 Sisters which has caused me great distress. I should be getting a mountain of support from these ladies but have gotten very little to none other than several of them upsetting me by passing judgment, stigma and bullying because I spoke out and called them out of having 90 mutual friends on facebook as the Admin but with no support from the ladies support group which is an entire blog in and of itself but in my experience there are several very nasty ladies who only attacked me instead of offering support because I called them out on the fact of where was the support in the first place? After all that is exactly why I joined the group of ladies of Alpha 1 Sisters for support, uplifting, answers and venting left only to be attacked, abused and silenced. I will be spreading my experience with this group far and wide in the very near future and plan on possibly starting my own Alpha 1 facebook group but given I have 90 mutual friends with Admin they are more than likely ALL on Alpha Sisters to begin with not offering support, uplifting and encouragement only gossiping and abusing. Resting now for a bit and seeing how I feel. I saw a lot of signs of new life today and I feel that is the Lord’s way of telling me that he is granting me new opportunities and to care for and love those that do support me and appreciate them even more so. Please know if you support me it is noticed and is not ever taken for granted. I have vested a lot into documenting and chronicling my life on social media and take great pride in my friends and family alike when blogging and at The Covington News where I write a blog column for 4 plus years now because it serves a very therapeutic healing process for me in my recovery. I was so saddened over this issue with the Alpha 1 Sisters that I was even considering no longer sharing of my life. After coming to the realization that I shared 90 mutual friends with Admin and no support I felt even more secure in the battle I had been fighting while sick. Praying this morning upon seeing all the healthy new life of Spring that God will guide and direct my paths on my journey of continuing to chronicle and document my life on social media. I have specifically prayed long and hard about this as I have been genuinely hurt due to being ill and having Alpha 1 with complications and the support group being very nasty and attacking me as opposed to offering their full knowledge, love and support. None of which was given which left me very disturbed. I have never really shared my full story with this group of ladies in their “group setting” but 90 of them are supposed to be on my friends list and giving me knowledge, support and answers for my Alpha 1. Knowing whole heartedly it is time to clean up and clean out my friends list at this time given their attitudes towards the sick. Continuing after rest.


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