Threats of Physical Violence and View Point Health


I have been  client of View Point Health for over 10 plus years now to date. Since my initially being hospitalized due to family violence and depression in August of 2004 View Point Health has served as my outpatient services along with my own private psychiatrist in Atlanta over the last ten years as well. There have been many instances that I could have spoken openly and in public about the trials and problems I have experienced and suffered at the hands of View Point Health but through the many years I have chosen to discuss these matters with a case manager or with the director directly and have never openly discussed my worries and concerns publicly with regard to View Point Health but feel that now it is necessary for me to discuss and voice some of my trials and concerns given View Point Health is not going to protect my best interest nor my safety yet only to be concerned with my helping another who has a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes along with emotional and developmental disabilities yet my being verbally threatened to be physically attacked is not the main focal point here. And why not? I have not committed any crime in helping another and helping to take cafe of another who greatly suffers great handicap with their Parkinson’s, diabetes and developmental disabilities and with no means of transportation.

I was asked last week to speak at a leadership conference for View Point Health due to my leadership abilities and accomplishments made while a client of View Point Health. A young lady proceeded to humiliate me in front of the entire leadership conference by telling me after my speech that “I was nobody special.” Which really hurt me deeply as I stepped back to my seat being harassed by her verbally.

Shortly thereafter she then went on further to ball her fist up and verbally threaten to physically assault me which the case worker from View Point Health has openly verbally admitted to seeing and hearing her actions in her office.

I was advised by a local sheriff’s deputy to file an incident report and to file for a Temporary Protective Order against the client. I have filed a call in with the log of the City of Covington Police Department and will be visiting the courthouse at the first of the week following Good Friday and the Easter holiday which is just as soon as I could possibly get into the courthouse as I have been left to feel ostracized and cast down and out and my safety jeopardized due to her actions all out of jealousy and envy of my progress and recovery story that she felt it necessary to harass me in front of a room full of individual’s with lies and inaccurate statements and harassing comments and then to proceed to verbally threaten to physically assault me with me left to turn and walk out of the office doors so as not to be attacked and to avoid confrontation whereas I would be left to carry any blame in her wrong doing. Up to this point View Point Health has done nothing to protect my livelihood or my safety or my dignity which they claim to do for all their clients yet only to cast me down and cast me out due to having a guest over several days a week to my apartment that I help that suffers greatly from developmental disabilities, Parkinson’s and diabetes. Of which View Point Health is very aware of his conditions and I have made plea on several instances to View Point Health to get him a handicapped accessible unit which all of my pleas and cries for help have been ignored.

View Point Health allows non handicapped and non Veteran tenants in their handicapped Veteran units as well. Limiting those who truly need the assistance when they lay claim on their website to proudly serve individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve their highest level of skill development, independence and health, while enhancing their self – esteem and dignity. View Point has done everything to the contrary.

I have been left with a client to have taken my auto and stay gone for over a week having to put out a missing persons report on her and not filing any criminal charges with View Point Health doing nothing to support or care for me with my car being stolen for over a week by another View Point Health client. There have been several instances where my safety has been compromised and with me being left threatened by other clients with no recourse against them. I have faced near homelessness due to being barely able to get my rent paid in full even though I am in a shelter care plus program for the homeless because at the time of my entry into residential housing with View Point Health years ago I was homeless.

I spoke on the fact that Ms. Jennifer Speights of View Point Health had gotten me into training classes at New Rock, a hotel and several days later into housing several years ago upon my experiencing homelessness. Which I am forever grateful for and indebted to her but I feel that I have filled those big shoes through out the years and given back to my peer, case workers, staff and to this State with all of my gained accomplishments, commitments, dedication and hard work towards my own self – recovery and self – reliance and stability and self reliance and resiliency in the face of adversity.

I have been the one to achieve conference at St. Simon’s Island through The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network attending The Respect Institute training and bringing the Respect Institute to View Point Health and being a graduate. I have also attended and graduated the GA Peer Support Institute along with graduating classes of New Rock day program whereas I took and taught many classes to my peer on recovery and whole health wellness. I am also a graduate of The ACT Team along with The Supported Employment program where I secured my own employment as a certified nursing assistant in this State with several companies to present date and have gone on to even further myself in the field of mental health by attending and graduating Certified Peer Specialist classes through The GA Mental Health Consumer Network and The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities.  I have spoken with the Mayor of Covington along with visited the State Capital in advocacy of my fellow peer and for Mental Health Awareness. I have had many friends in the View Point Health program and peers from all walks of life and diverse and many different cultures and backgrounds giving of my whole self as a CPS should and would do as that has been my goal and focus for years now so I have always given back to my fellow peer and been a strong advocate in my community moving from the health field as a nursing assistant into graduating the CPS program of study and helping many residential clients who have no means of transportation by always being there when needed and putting my life out on the line and often times on hold to help my fellow peer.

I am a life long resident of Newton and Rockdale counties of which I have been a pillar of my community since upon high school here in Covington adopting three step daughter’s in Rockdale County by and through The Honorable Nation and working closely hand in hand whenever deemed necessary with The Rockdale County District Attorney’s office and Deputy District Attorney Mr. Richard R. Read. I have had much success in the realm of the court of law whereas individuals with mental illness once were not given access or right to their children due to being mentally diagnosed. I have fought in court for the rights of the mentally challenged along with family violence victims and those who have suffered parental alienation and are in need of reunification process with their children in this State so as to ensure no one has to suffer the way me and my children have in the past due to my being sent from Northside emergency room to Peachford for recovery from a family violence issue and the battery being reported as by law by the emergency room staff to Rockdale County. I have worked very closely with the staff of the Mental Health Court’s over the last 10 plus years to present date up to and including Honorable Ozburn on many instances pertaining to my life being held under scrutiny and my being accountable and responsible to myself, my children, my fellow peer, my community and my State. So as to remain that pillar of my community that I have always been never having any wrong doing on my behalf, nor hint, nor question, nor allegation, nor accusation as to any wrongdoing as  a mother nor as a wife ever by anyone to present date this March 2016. As I have never been questioned of such.

I have openly admitted that at one point in my life I was incarcerated for allegedly violating a TPO against someone with a handful of phone calls made attempting to hold onto my job, my house, insurance, 401 K etc., during the time of my divorce with regard to an individual I had never even met nor laid eyes on until which point I was incarcerated. I had never been alone in the same room as this individual and we had never even had the pleasure of meeting one another. Much less me calling their home nor visiting their home nor following nor threatening them in any manner whatsoever which was never of issue at hand. He was never threatened and I was never questioned as far as to threatening him. I agreed to the plea agreement offered me and faced my consequences and have since had no problems with the law whatsoever and have been held under great scrutiny and been responsible for my alleged part of this arrest and conviction which since has been terminated by the Superior Court’s of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit as filed for and petitioned by Newton County Probation and afforded me the termination of probation and said sentence through the Superior Court’s. I feel very bad about the alleged nature of this said incident as it has been my one and only criminal issue I have ever had to answer to or be blamed for in the ending result. I am also very crippled at the delicacy and fragile nature of the other individual and the passing of their parent that I was not aware of at the time of the alleged incident in me attempting to hold onto my job, home, children, insurance etc., I have spoken of this briefly in my blogs only out of respect for the other individual and upholding my personal agreement as contract Paralegal to morals, integrity and ethics whereas this individual and his company is concerned as I made a vow to do years ago.

I have since my release of incarceration accomplished all of the above mentioned goals. Prior to I was intern to Public Defender Esquire Mr. John Strauss and graduated the Business/ Legal Office program of study and Paralegal certification of Dekalb Technical College along with being married and raising and primary care giver to five children adopting three girls as if they were my very own. Time has proven me correct as to where my girls are concerned in that Mr. Sasser has made very poor parenting decisions where my girls are concerned and it has been a shame the heartache and despair along with self destruction along with their very own personal demise at the hands of Mr. Sasser and this State years ago which granted was corrected but never followed through with by any Judge’s Order, Opinions or wishes by Mr. Sasser always remaining in a constant state of contempt of the State at the sake of my own children which time has came to pass to prove me very much correct and in the right whereas these 4 girls are concerned and my concern over and for them has been justified.

If you have followed my blogs over the last 4 plus years you know all the above and you also know that I spend a great amount of time in the community and a part of community activities photographing these events and blogging of my participation in the community, my church and Celebrate Recovery.

I feel that at this point given another lady was allowed a voice in front of a room full of people to harass me and negate me that I must now begin in my own personal request of advocacy for myself against View Point Health with regard to sharing of all my stories in my past, present and future that I have handled appropriately and with the direct and correct channels. I will have a voice in this matter and will not be forced to sit down and shut up especially after being harassed and threatened to be assaulted. And my helping others in the community will not come to a halt or those suffering from disease or developmental disability due to my being cornered and accused of having a guest over everyday at my very own home that I rent and have for many years paid my rent for the roof over my head struggling so as not to be homeless again with very little to no support, guidance, direction or support network given to me as I have accomplished all these goals on my own and with the help of my now deceased CPS Ms. Brenda Williams.

I will be following up later in the week to voice even more on my experiences and views of View Point Health and the Court’s response to my request for TPO against the other View Point Health client. Thank you all.


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