Imagine that you are giving a speech on your goals, accomplishment’s, recovery story and showing homage and honor to those who have been human enough and humanitarian enough to help you along your recovery. Receiving several rounds of applause for your achieved goals and then upon exiting the front of the room and sitting down being told
” You are nobody special.”

An argumentative bully seeking a fight which she continued to escalate things into just a few short minutes later. You may see my Verbal Threats of Physical Violence and View Point Health. She was clearly looking to be an argumentative threatening bully from the beginning of showing herself in a room full of View Point Health leadership and then shortly thereafter attacking me balling her fist up at me.

I am going to speak with View Point Health Director Quianna Sydnor “hopefully” as she is never available when needed as a client with regard to this matter and get her point and perspective before acting but feel that the main focal point here is my being attacked and threatened to be assaulted not in my guest that visits me that has Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes, handicap and developmental disabilities. I have cried and plead with View Point Health to get this gentleman a handicap unit and thus far my cries and pleas and his questions for support have gone unanswered and ignored basically without resolution. I have had to spend my Easter in fear for my own safety at my own home. Feeling that asking the Court to direct her to stay away from me and that it is not appropriate nor accepted to verbally threaten to physically assault someone else is not out of the question. Spending Easter very concerned for my safety.


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