View Point Health Client Advocacy and Right’s

I had the great pleasure of speaking with View Point Health Client Advocacy and Client Right’s regarding the latest issue of being verbally threatened to be physically assaulted and it was an excellent conversation and went very well. I was pleased with the outcome and was encouraged to continue blogging of my experiences with View Point Health and to let them be made known the outcome of the staffing on Thursday with regard to the other client and to let the know the results. I intend on following up with them and then making my decision on whether or not to pursue a TPO based upon the staffing meeting on Thursday. They were very pleasant, concerned and worried for me and my safety and well – being.

I have spoken with The Covington News and found out today that they will be having a new business platform installed that they began working on today. They very well may NOT have the blog community any longer. I am also available at Word Press if you wish to continue to follow my community involvement and blogs if The Covington News new business platform online does do away with their blog community. I thank you all for your continued support at The Covington News over the last nearly 5 years now.




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