“Cursed” according to its owner.

Sitting down to a nice cup of coffee and reflecting upon my post of Spiritual Warfare and the heavenly and demonic hosts of this world and the after life.

There is such a delicate nature and such a fragile state of being surrounding my story and the hope and prayer to one day be able to share my story in full explanation with the haunted buildings owner. There is a great respect, admiration along with loyalty and ethics that I carry for my story and its rightful owner.

I will continue to carry this story close to my heart and with the delicate and fragile sense that it deserves and with the respect that I have deep in my heart for this haunting and Spiritual Warfare story I have lived through to tell. I have certainly grown closer to the Lord throughout my walk of this Spiritual Warfare story of mine and feel comfortable sharing it now that

Go Covington Ga – Newton County Visitors Bureau

has a new story weekly of local hauntings and my pastor Mr. Scott Moore has preached and lectured on the demon possessed man. I live my life day to day just as any normal person would but surrounded by heavenly and demonic hosts from the after life and of this world.

“Cursed” according to its owner.




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