“Cursed” according to its owner.

The Go Covington Ga – Newton County Visitors Bureau has local hauntings listed every week. I think it is high time I share of my personal experience with the heavenly and demonic hosts of the after life.

I attend Eastridge Community Church where for the last several weeks we have been working on scripture pertaining to a “Story.” The first week was on suffering, the second on The Prodigal Son and this past Sunday on the Demon possessed man found in Mark.

We all have a story. Our stories are connected to other people. Jesus is continuing to write our stories.

Mar, CH 5:2


Our Pastor Scott Moore goes on further to state that he believes in Demons and Spiritual Warfare. You may not be able to relate but you may can relate to being out of control or of a sinful nature.

This “Story” of the Demon possessed man is not metaphorical it is real. Still if you cannot relate you may be able to relate to feelings of being left all alone.

Our Demons want our destruction.

Why is Jesus even there?

Be encouraged Jesus loved this man who lived among the dead. It is a simple but earth shattering truth that Jesus loves us. Just as he was sent to that one man he was sent to me and you.

The Demon possessed man wanted to go and be with Jesus and he told him No to go and tell his family of the wonderful works that the Lord had done for him. Did his family watch him from a distance? Did the community and family take him there while watching him cut himself? Did the family bring food and just leave it? The guy was being destroyed.

Verse 6

If your enemy knew your full name they had power over you. Trying to shake the fear of Jesus. Some are cast out with prayer and fasting. Some are easier to defeat than others.

Jesus power is greater than any Demon.

Verse 9 My name is Legion meaning many Demons. Jesus gave permission to enter the pigs on the hillside where the pigs ran into the water and all drown.

It was illegal to have a pig farm. It made the townspeople very afraid. The Demons have came out of the man and entered the pigs and the pigs of this illegal pig farm have all drown.

We have every right to think that we are victorious over sin, pain and despair and that you will be set free.

He then imagines how the man visits his wife in his right mind. The wife answers the door and there he is in his right mind as he goes door to door telling of the wonderful works of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Mr. Scott Moore Eastridge Community Church Covington Campus

I have never shared openly about my experience with Spiritual Warfare and the heavenly and demonic hosts of the after life due to having it thrown in my face and used against me once long ago. It has however remained a daily constant reminder in my mind and in my heart. That I have prayed over now for over 10 years that I firmly believe Jesus is in full control over and has led me through this path of Spiritual Warfare and heavenly and demonic hosts to better prepare me for the after life and better prepare me a place with him in heaven as a Christian warrior for Jesus Christ Army. I will share a little here of my experience with Spiritual Warfare and the heavenly and demonic hosts of the after life that have crossed my path and along my journey.

Occurring once long ago but remaining with me through the years has been a very strange tale of Spiritual Warfare, demons, a haunting or possession of a building and guardian angels watching over me throughout the years protecting me from any evil spirits or other spirits that may have traveled with me from this building into my everyday life. I have been so prayerful that the hosts are heavenly and Christian and good but in the beginning it really and truly scared me deep in my soul and led me to believe there was a mixture of evil and good spirits that existed at this haunted and possessed and “Cursed” building.

“Cursed” according to its owner.

I spent many hours alone in the dark with just the fireplace churning in this building and always felt a strange sense of another presence but it had never really frightened me or concerned me. I just felt its presence. Until one day an elderly man came to visit with me. He was handicapped and needed handicapped assistance. He truly scared me to the depths of my being and soul. I tried getting him to speak with another lady because of the Spiritual Warfare I felt with this elderly man but he insisted on working with me. He ended up knowing how to call me by my full name as well that has always been of a scare and concern to me. From that moment forward I felt very scared and uneasy about the Spiritual Warfare and demonic hosts I was feeling in my presence. I got up enough nerve to contact the owner of the building and his response was.

“Cursed” according to its owner.

That was all he told me at the time. He did not elaborate. But I deeply and earnestly felt he knew exactly the point I was trying to make and get across to him. As if we connected on that level.

Many years later I discovered that their had been a death with sickness and illness that had occurred surrounding this building that I knew nothing of at the time. I was so shocked, so stunned so grief stricken. I began immediately praying about the situation and for God to see me through the Spiritual Warfare and to help me better understand my experience with the demonic and heavenly hosts of this grand building.

I feel as though the deceased had a message for me to deliver to its owner and I failed the deceased and therefore I pray over it daily. The demonic and heavenly hosts have continued to stay within my mind and heart and body since that very moment over 10 years ago and I pray over it daily that it is all heavenly and for it to no longer scare or shock me into fear. I hope and have been so prayerful to be able to please the host of the haunting of that building by sharing in his message to the owner and family. I do not know if the time shall ever come to pass but I am prayerful for one day to be able to explain my story, situation and circumstances that led up to my believing that this building was haunted and how it has controlled much of my life for over 10 years now feeling as though I have failed the heavenly hosts and the Lord by never being able to explain myself in full detail. I pray for the man’s soul and his family and his building and that he is with the Lord in the after life and that he guide me and help to watch over me as I attempt to shake this feeling of constantly being provoked and watched by those determined to cause me Spiritual Warfare. The demonic and heavenly that battle and rage within me and an untold story that haunts me every day.

“Cursed” according to its owner. By my standards it was haunted and possessed but never “cursed.”

I miss the early mornings of sitting straight in front of the fireplace in the dark all alone and carry with me photographs of this haunted building that I pray over daily. More to come on the haunting and the biblical sense that has remained within me to share with the world and hopefully one day with the owner of this haunted beauty.

Heaven to me is of Angels and lost souls that have wine, fruits, armor, baskets of bread and grain, robes of golden crimson red that all love one another and live as the days of old that were pleasing to the Lord in his sight where there was no shame in being unclothed or naked and sharing in a heavenly sinless afterlife with Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior just as he had intended so long ago. In my mind heaven has not changed from its heavenly form and I pray to enter into the gates of the heavenly Kingdom to rest with my children in the end times. Being a mighty Christian Warrior for the Lord our God. More on my haunting in the near future.








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