Appalachian Consulting Group, Inc. Book Marks CPS Study

The CPS Training is based on five foundational beliefs.

Everyone has the ability to learn and grow.

People’s beliefs determine their behavior.

People think their way through life.

Whatever people focus on, they give power to.

Life’s experiences are the best teacher. Your recovery experience is your greatest gift to your peers.

The 5 Stages in The Recovery Process

Impact of Illness – Danger – Identity

Life is Limited – Danger – Possibilities

Change is Possible – Danger – Risk

Commitment to Change – Danger – Support

Actions for Change – Danger – Responsibility

The Process of Effective Communication in Situations with Potential Conflict

Observe and affirm the other’s position, values and concerns.

Relate the other’s position, values and concerns to your experiences as a consumer.

Offer a “we” statement that acknowledges the common ground and promotes partnership in creating another way of doing things.







Define Hope and Recovery.

Catch it, Check it, Change it

Define Peer Support and Peer Support Services

The Peer Specialist recovery is strengthened. Peer Specialists help others recover and Peer Specialists help the agency and system recover.

Life is made up of our experiences.

To make sense of our experiences we create beliefs.

We protect our beliefs by filtering out information that doesn’t support our beliefs and only letting in information that does.

We strengthen our beliefs by using our radar to seek out information that supports our beliefs.

In order to change the negative beliefs, you must remove the negative message and over – power the filter system with positive messages.

Igniting the Spark of Hope



Able to do

Needs help with





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