It is not about me.

It is not about me. It is about the trees you see. The trees have bloomed for a dozen seasons now just for me. Waiting on me and my return. I stepped into these woods in August of 2004 thinking I would never be me again. In big and small ways I am still not the woman I was of yesterday. I am a new woman. A new woman beginning today. It marked a bitter sweet day for me today as I gave my my Congratulatory letter of Certified Peer Specialist for the State of Georgia to someone very near and dear to my heart for ten plus years now who probably thought that they would never see me through to tomorrow. They have been my guide, my hope, my dream, my passion, my ambition and my destiny. Today my “destiny” fulfilled itself in being able to provide to my private psychiatrist that I had finally made it through CPS training and passing my State exam. A feat no man ever dared to think a possibility.

I have now worked as a paralegal, nursing assistant and now I will be working as a Certified Peer Specialist for those in need of mental health services and recovery. What started out as one of the most beautiful days of my life is ending on a sad note yet a necessary one as I move forward and onward with my life as a young single career and education minded mother, health care professional and peer specialist now ready to tackle the world. I will not let today defeat me and I will close tonight in good faith that I have fought the good fight of the in’s and out’s of my life and I will continue to flourish and prosper as for the good Will, Purpose and Plan of God’s life for me and the betterment of my very own recovery. I hope to leave behind a lasting legacy of a couple of CPS who I had the opportunity of getting to know. Mr. Charles and Ms. Brenda who have now passed on through this life.

Reminiscing today and ending tonight on a sad but positive aspiring ambitious note. Good night.



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