When you take it upon yourself to seek the counsel of another woman or women for that matter other than your significant other and your church family or your pastor that the two of you share alike you are asking for trouble and only inviting Satan in. When you cannot bring yourself to apologize to your best friend and supposedly the love of your life you are only carrying the shoes of a hypocritical bigot. Non Christian, non gentleman in my book and by the way I was raised to believe. If it were friendly advice that would be understandable but the circumstances do not stand as such. When you are escorted from my home until an apology and changed behavior can be seen I do not expect you to go running your mouth to a hundred different women that you have already been talking to in the first place. I expect you to seek the counsel of myself or “our” supposed church family for whatever your problem may be not live the life of a hypocritical bigot that is so low that they cannot even apologize and only want to argue and make up excuse after excuse to get and gain attention. I am not a liar and have proven myself time and time again in life and online to be a credible pillar of my community. I am not devoting nearly 2 years of my life to sit idly by and be deceived, disrespected and lied to. I will blog of my feelings just like I have with my ex husband and his travesty of lies and immature ill mannered demeanor. Grow up. Grow a pair. Get in a class at church not just sit behind some sounding board for a few hours a week while your significant other attends church services, growth group classes, Celebrate Recovery classes and a ladies Step Study class thinking all along given you were supposed to be moving in with one another on a  permanent basis any day now. As if you were not already basically living together over the last 18 months and being cared for and taken care of by your significant other and in attendance at church regularly with you inviting you into my church family. Seek out the 12 Steps and 8 Principles and attend a class instead of mulling over your lies and excuses with other women with ill willed intentions. I will not stand for being lied to nor made a fool of. Things are taking a serious turn in my life for the better. I will be a single professional career and education oriented mother once again until some changed behavior is witnessed and one can be trusted, depended upon and able to rely upon once again if that day ever comes in my life again.


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