Arbor Day 2016 Piedmont Park Midtown Atlanta Georgia USA

My very first notion when Piedmont Park and Midtown come to mind is to write about a matter of “public record” that involves employment and health issues of the “public record.” Along with the Forensic records. All of which obligations have been terminated. It is a delicate issue to me but it is a matter of “public record” that the issues at hand were employment and health not a personal relationship as it had been introduced.

I feel it is a very delicate and fragile matter and I do hold it of high regard and great ethics but do stay upset and hurt over the issue and a matter of broad daylight prior to and to never had even had the pleasure of either of us meeting one another ever for that matter. Nor being within the same few feet of another ever for that matter.

The view from Piedmont Park features the skyline of Midtown and it is gorgeous. I love visiting and now with this visit I stood tall as I looked upon the skyline as a Certified Peer Specialist for the State of Georgia, The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network and The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. The sky is the limit now for me. I will continue working as a nursing assistant until I secure a position as a CPS but really look forward to helping others in the mental health field and guiding and directing and working along side my peers for their recovery and to ignite a spark and flame of hope in their lives.

These were the prettiest trees I knew of to visit for Arbor Day in Atlanta. Covington used to be so back woods when I was growing up. Things have certainly changed in this small town. I love the big city but at heart am a country gal with the diverse open mindedness and class of a tactful lady in a fast paced world.

I plan to visit Piedmont Park more often this summer and utilize their pool. It is so nice.

Kudos for that view! Arbor Day all in all was a huge success and milestone in my life’s journey.

Arbor Day 2016 Piedmont Park Midtown Atlanta Georgia USA





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