Seize the moment to create your own “Destiny.”

Seize the moment to create your own “Destiny.” From paralegal to nursing assistant now onto certified peer specialist in the mental health community.

Life for me around a courthouse has been second nature to me my entire life since a small girl being adopted in Covington, Newton County Georgia through the courts of Newton County. I have been in Covington since a very small girl with my adoptive now deceased father and now deceased mother. I have had the honor of growing up in this quaint yet bubbling over with life and diversity since I was small. Growing ever so more with each passing year of my life. It has been such a privilege to blog for The Covington News for the last nearly 5 years and attend many community events photographing and blogging of my community advocacy and activities.

Given the fact that my youngest daughter now is on social media I have gave way to some leeway and lost grasp of such a stronghold on advocating for family violence victims and those parentally alienated.

I have been at the forefront of advocating for family violence victims, those parentally alienated and the mentally challenged for many years now and have left my mark in the O.C.G.A. which began in my early 20’s with my adopted step daughter’s with my name always ending up to the full favor of the Court’s in the long run since the early 90’s beginning in Rockdale County and following with the Alcovy Judicial Circuit. I have been an avid blogger and great advocate for many years now in and outside of the courtroom for all 5 of my children never having been questioned nor addressed as to any wrongdoing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife for that matter by anyone. Not ever. The matters are of public record through the Georgia Courts.

I have gone on to work as a nursing assistant and now have graduated The Georgia Certified Peer Specialist training in the mental health field and look forward to working closely in the mental health field in my very near future.

I attend Eastridge Community Church where I attend Sunday morning worship services, growth group classes, Celebrate Recovery and a ladies Step – Study class that is coming to a close as I will have it completed in a couple of weeks. I then plan to go on to study Stephen Ministry in my future at Eastridge to accompany my mental health Peer Specialist services I will be providing to the mentally challenged.

Feelings of great concern overwhelm me where my girls are concerned and my heart and mind stay in this state all too often with life and the system to have failed them all even with much to our full favor. They live in their own demise with a failing system that is now effecting my grandchildren in return.

So when I think of my girls it is like experiencing a death over and over again. This is me on any special given day when my mind runs rampant with worry, grief and anguish over their lives and the sadness it brings my heart that 5 young ladies lives were ruined. Somehow  my life falling into place with my seizing each moment to create my own destiny and thriving. My girls not so much though.

I had the pleasure of visiting Chimney Park today in Downtown Covington behind the local library and mental health services for a Fairy Festival that is held each year. It was a grand time and a beautiful sight to behold. All the adorable little fairies and such community hospitality and friendliness and an outpouring of community love for one another. I have shared my entire album at facebook if you care to join me there for all the photos of my day at Chimney Park Fairy Festival 2016.

I use photography, blogging, journaling, adult coloring, reading and holistic healing with candles daily and study my CPS Manual and Step Study class materials as coping and thriving skills. I went and had the forbidden done after my 5th child, 2 biological and 3 adoptive and having my tubes tied never imagining me and my girls would suffer such a great travesty and that I would be separated from my 4 girls with no just cause ever given by anyone. My son has been in my life as my son, a mentor and a dear friend the older he gets now in his early 20’s and has made me so proud of him and his education and career thus far even facing adversity himself but now thriving and happily surviving in his hometown of Covington with myself and his father.

I stumbled upon this face today and thought to myself you know this is exactly how I feel inside on most days. My learned and lived experiences to be my greatest gift to the world.





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