A role play scenario by The GA Mental Health Consumer Network and View Point Health point of view.

So the role play scenario being a peer is insistent to you as the peer specialist that they no longer want to take their medication. While staying at or attending classes while at the Respite and Wellness Center the peer asks of you if there are any services you can help him/her with given they no longer want to remain on their medication regimen while attending the Respite Center and is there any support you can provide given they are desiring to come off of their medicine while a peer in attendance at the Respite Center.

I went on to ask at the beginning of the scenario “Have you spoken to your doctor about desiring to come off of your medication?” Then onto attempting to ask “Would you have me go with you to discuss this with your doctor?” Before getting the second question out in its entirety during the role play scenario it is brought to my attention before I could get the second question out that what is wanted and expected of me to say is “Yes.” “The Respite Center can provide you health and wellness services in the event you no longer want to remain on your medication regimen. “Yes.” “Here are the services we offer at the Respite Center.” : ” so forth and so on.” From the CPS to the peer. From peer to peer conversation.

The Respite Center is ran by The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network of The State of Georgia.

I spoke with another CPS this evening and she informs me that her place of employment is peer ran and self – directed and about wellness not illness. Of which I get the concept of the above. Being self – directed, peer ran and taught and about wellness and not illness and about recovery.

Since August of 2004 I know for a fact that View Point Health which serves Newton, Rockdale and Gwinnett Counties in Georgia for mental health and developmental health services that they promote, advocate, insist and push a proper and thorough medication management regimen down their clients throats from the doctors, therapists, clinicians, case managers, residential case managers and Certified Peer Specialists all alike ( promote, advocate, insist and (require) a client (Peer) to maintain a regular as physician directed medication management regimen. View Point Health referring to those as (clients) and The GA Mental Health Consumer Network referring to those as (peers).

For 10 plus years now I have been a witness and personal witness to the very fact of this insistent and requirement of maintaining a proper and correct medication management regimen daily or you will no longer be allowed to participate in the programs of View Point Health due to non compliance. It is considered non compliance of medication by View Point Health and a matter that I have been taught for 10 plus years now and witnessed all these years towards all peers of View Point Health.

As I have shared my personal story of recovery and healing numerous times at one point in time I was not even allowed to see my four girls due to the fact of being an inpatient at a psychiatric institution for mental diagnosis of depression and codependency as the caregiver and enabler. This was just a mere 10 years ago in August of 2004. I can recall very well the events and timeline of my life and the chronological order of the events of my life and recall crystal clear my family law attorney, Paul Oeland at the time asking me “Well, April what do you expect me to tell Nancy at this point?” Given I had been a victim of marital abuse and a diagnosis of such and a report of battery filed against Mr. Sasser and a note from my physician stating that I was health and not a harm nor threat to myself nor others and concerned of my children and family.

I have since had much success in the family law court arena but not before having to lose contact with my children before being justified and justice served. As justice has still not been served as to where my ex husband is concerned even given much favor in the eyes of the Court’s of Juvenile and Superior Court’s. My girls have been the ones to suffer tremendously and to hurt and ache and fall apart at the seams to their own demise due to improper care giving and a non nurturing family that continues daily to thwart the efforts, wishes, opinions and Orders of the Courts only causing my girls to not be able to thrive and survive. I have survived and lived to tell about it and made it out a Certified Peer Specialist for the State of Georgia. My concern now is given I lived my life for 33 years and not on a medication regimen and no therapy services may I now check myself into a Respite Center and withdraw from my medication and tell View Point Health I am coming off of my medicine for good given I have been in 11 years of recovery. For very good reason I do not feel that this would sit well with View Point Health but I also feel that it cost me a great deal at my interview today having been taught and exposed to this for 10 plus years. I was told it was a teaching moment which I am grateful and forever indebted to and for but I would not discuss “a diagnosis” nor “medication” specifics with a peer as a peer specialist but I have been taught this and exposed to this exact circumstances by View Point Health and at one time in my life by the Rockdale County Judicial Circuit with no just cause. On a mission to determine what is and what is not appropriate where View Point Health and their peers are concerned and their medication regimen on a daily basis. More to come. Thank you all for your continued support into my working in the health field and upon graduating a CPS. A very valuable life lesson learned today by The GA Mental Health Consumer Network.



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