I have been a very strong advocate and friend with unrelenting and sacrificial love for 5 generations of women for 20 plus years now. It has been imperative and very therapeutic and professionally recommended. So it is what I know so well. My life has been in the public eye for 20 plus years under the thumb and scrutiny of many great and influential mentors and friends and family.

Over the last week I shared personal and private information regarding Ken and I and our disagreement and I wanted to apologize to my facebook family, my church and to Ken. I now have the tools of Celebrate Recovery and my ladies step study class to handle matter pertaining to Ken and I and our church private and personal. I have spoken with my pastor in great detail of desiring to and advised to take the “higher road.” My pastor has suggested that women be treated like “Fine China.” Ken and I have patched things up and came to a communicating resolution over our disagreement and there will be beginning some significant move towards positive sinless actions and recourse involving our relationship. But I for one will be journaling, doing personal Inventory or speaking straigh to Ken or my sponsor about any further issues that may happen to arise along with our pastor. Thank you all for your continued support, outpouring of love, strong advisement, wisdom and understanding. Starting the Memorial Day weekend holiday off in these wee morning hours with my coffee amongst the honeysuckle and gardenia listening intently to the breeze and the windchimes blowing gently. Have yourself a beautiful day. Now onto continued blogging of recovery in life. Kindly, April



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