The chronicling of one’s life or not?

The chronicling of one’s life or not?

A walk with Ken today in these gardens has done my heart good. The flowers were such a pretty sight and the gardenia’s smelled heavenly. The vase that had been picked and placed into the house full of gardenia’s filled a great aroma through out the house. The garden’s were South Carolina worthy to that of true southern living. On my mind and heart while walking the gardens was my future. I intend on getting myself a new journal for personal and private penning this week. I have been such a strong advocate in the courtroom for 20 plus years now for my children that being an advocate and success stories for those parentally alienated, family violence victims and the mentally challenged is all my heart knows. I love documenting and chronicling my life and events of my day. Every day I awaken I try thinking today is the day that will be the best day of my life. I enjoy feeling this and sharing it with my family and friends those close and at afar. I found the perfect journal at Target and hope to return tomorrow to get it. It is entitled “I cannot sleep.” It is full of poetry and those great magnificent writers who have written their best works of Art while they could not sleep. This has truly been me for years now and so now having to make an adjustment or two given conversation and promise to my pastor of Celebrate Recovery I am going to have to discuss this with my private psychiatrist who has always encouraged publicly advocating for the great causes I have fought so hard for and the sharing of my emotions and my daily chronicling of my life. I thank you all for accompanying me on this journey of this thing called life where we only get one shot. Respecting myself enough to walk away from anything that no longer grows me but thus far I have seen much success in and outside the courtroom and in life and in my career and education. I have truly been blessed in my walk. Given all I could give each and everyday. Perhaps time for a change in chronicling of my life in photos and daily events which has been a most pleasure over the last ten years for me but given some people cannot handle my honesty when I see through their mind games and some feel that social media is not the place for advocating for myself and my personal feelings and livliehood there is a long discussion due with my private psychiatrist on his opinion of this matter. Chronicling this vacation and beginning a new route for the summer in journaling and penning and seeing how it works for me. Perhaps telling stories with photos that I do so well but placing my heart in penning and hopefully one day not only having my online memoir and story told but to have my memoir in print. I have been writing at Amazon Kindle Direct and hopefully will see some bountiful results here friends.

Every woman who heals herself heals all the women who came before her and all the women who come after her.



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