First home breathing treatment with Nebulizer Summer 2016

First home breathing treatment with Nebulizer Summer 2016

I am now receiving and performing breathing treatments at home for COPD and Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Disease.

As I was watching the Braves game last evening the announcer stated how it was the hottest day of the Season. It was very hot here today in Georgia as well.

My story begins with my daughter as an infant being very ill and suffering elevated liver enzymes and being flown in emergency to the Children’s Hospital in CN Ohio for surgery. Upon discovery through genetic testing that she is an Alpha 1 carrier it was revealed that several of my family members have Alpha 1 as well. I did not know until I was 30 that I was a carrier and you can get inherited emphysema and inherited cirrhosis simply by being a carrier of Alpha 1. I am planning on beginning a new blogging campaign in the advocacy and name of COPD and Alpha 1. I hope to reach many in my community and to prolong my life with proper medication and care. I feel I will need a very strong support system and am somewhat concerned as I am newly engaged with very little personal support system. I will be reaching out more to the ladies of my church in the next weeks to come and my close friends. I thank you to those who always have a kind word for me and uplifting and cheering me up. You are recognized and appreciated.

Now for some warm tea in “Sweet Dreams Medley.”

Inhaler and breathing treatment for tonight completed. If you are a part of my Alpha 1 family I would gladly appreciate any advice or words you may have for me on this newest journey of mine. Just breathe.




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