My grandmother passed away at the age of 49 from Emphysema and Cancer. I was only 10 years old and she was like a best friend to me. I do not know if she was a carrier of Alpha 1 or not. In my early 40’s now I have been so prayerful that the Lord’s plan is not for me to be deceased by my 50’s like my grandmother Dora. I have so much to live for and have gotten really scared at this point needing breathing treatments 4 x daily. This is an entirely new lifestyle change for me and I will have to learn to adjust. Dealing with COPD and Alpha 1 and being a single mother working to take care of myself and Ken helping to care for me while he suffers from Parkinson’s himself. So this is the new selfie. I am planning on starting a new advocacy campaign for awareness of COPD and Alpha 1.

Planning on entering into a phase of love, life and happiness over this journey. Georgia weather is so hot and humid as the last several days have been the hottest of the season thus far.

Also Ken and I were involved in a fire where there was a great deal of smoke and gasoline flames that we inhaled and had to be treated.

Hopeful that many more happy and fulfilling days lie ahead for me. So empathetic for my Alpha 1 Family and all their illness they have faced. Having to work in order to take care of myself and treat myself 4 x daily with breathing treatments is going to be an adjustment and task at hand. Needing a strong support system surrounding me with as much help as I can possibly get. This new journey begins with a very special thanks to all those who have supported me through my health and wellness and recovery.



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