This Summer Solstice we visited our new home and began making living arrangement plans and furniture arrangement and working on the awesome Foyer with the Chandalier and fireplace. I have been awake nearly all night thinking of my swim from earlier today and just how much I love my hometown of Covington and cannot wait to begin to grow a garden again and have a yard full of flowers and wildflowers. I have so many wonderful little reading and writing spots that I cannot wait to set up home and enjoy my coffee and tea among the little nooks and crannies of this beautiful 1800’s Farm Home. Summer Solstice brings with it a time of change and a season of uplifting, uprooting and settling down as we spend countless hours around the fire pit and open flame and into the Autumn months with warm socks and hoodies and hot chocolate. Living in the heart of Downtown only a few miles from my son pleases me beyond measure and will hopefully lead to a home where all my children can come and have sanctuary as they need it. Seasons change and I have changed. I have found myself once again and the small hometown girl still exists deep inside but with a lived life full of culture and ambiance with friends and mentors that can never be replaced. What a beautiful Summer Solstice it has been for us as we prepare to begin moving into our new home with great delight in all its charm and fancy. Starting this new season of my life off with so many new adventures in mind and with so many plans of warmth, comfort and peace of mind. I plan to spend these summer months in devotion time wit the Lord thanking him relentlessly of his pursuit over my life and for blessing me beyond measure as I grow into this new phase of my life. I plan on purchasing the Happy Journal and working it over the summer months. Given my heart will be on fire for reading and writing I am sure to share much of my life as I get settled into our new home. Joy abounds!



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