REACH Eastridge Community Church 2016

This morning during Sunday morning service we sang

Lord, now indeed I find
Thy power and Thine alone,
Can change the leper’s spots
and melt the heart of stone.

Jesus paid it all,
All to Him I owe;
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow.

And when before the throne
I stand in Him complete,
Jesus died my soul to save,
my lips shall still repeat

And I was so touched like never before. I felt the sting and pain of life and of Jesus pain on the Cross as he died for our sins. I felt as thought Jesus was seeing straight through me and totally understood my pain and just how much I truly love him and my walk with the Lord. I could not help but think all day today that I hoped I was enough for my church family. I attend Sunday morning services, growth group classes, Celebrate Recovery and have completed a ladies Step Study class and am now looking into Stephen Ministry training. Ken and I spent a few hours at the church this afternoon and I was able to serve by cleaning up and clearing out the sanctuary and the rooms getting ready for the new renovations and the new carpet. I prayed all along that my service today was enough for the Lord. I wanted to give more to my community with the hope of a new day and with the new Jackson Lake Campus and our soon to be newly renovated Eastridge Covington Campus. I had came across the REACH brochure at church several weeks ago and read it from cover to cover and thought these were great but then today I got to thinking how this message could best be spread into the community and with the world as it is a great message and I would hate that simply because you do not attend Eastridge that you could not read and be a part of the REACH message to our community of Newton County, GA USA. My first time visiting Eastridge Community Church I was homeless and so lost and crying out to the Lord for his mercy and grace of which he has abundantly provided for me through my years at Eastridge and Celebrate Recovery. I often serve in the diner on Thursday evenings serving the meal to our ministry partners and feel a great overflowing love when I am actively involved in Celebrate Recovery. I have shared many blogs on our lessons taught and love lesson nights and reading over my notes. I found Mr. Pastor Scott’s message in the REACH brochure to be so warm and inviting I wanted to share it with you here and hope that you will visit Eastridge and bring visitors with you. I am growing from that young girl that served the summer of 1990 at Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center as a daycamp counselor to many school aged children and am still actively growing with the support of my pastor and Celebrate Recovery pastor Mr. Brad who has counseled me as of recently with some personal issues that I am working on and felt his guidance was needed and necessary as I have given him my promise to continue to grow into a greater and stronger level of maturity with my blogging. I do not want to compromise myself but do intend on keeping my promise to Mr. Brad as I enter into this new season of growth and maturity that my walk needs and my church family needs of me. I would like to share Mr. Pastor Scott’s message with you here and a little from the REACH campaign of Eastridge. Growing up for many years with Pastor Trey Bailey has kept me serving and coming back and working the program relentlessly and thanking the Lord for those that continue to pray for me if nothing else.

A note from Scott.

As a young associate pastor, 25 years ago I heard our founding pastor cast vision about how Eastridge would one day multiply into every corner of our county. At the time there were only 75 people in our congregation! But that vision became a very clear picture to me, and I could see an Eastridge campus in all four corners of Newton County. Little did I know that I would one day be called to lead this endeavor.

After becoming the Lead Pastor, God confirmed in me that His vision for Eastridge is to REACH every corner of Newton County by creating churches that bring hope and life change to those who need Jesus Christ. I will also make you a light for the nations, to be My salvation to the ends of the earth. Isa 49:6 What an incredible destiny to pursue! Today Eastridge is one church in two locations. Three and half years ago we multiplied into SOuth Newton County with 125 faithful ministry partners who were committed to reaching their neighbors with hope and life change. And now, even in a rented school building, we are seeing an average of 285 in weekend attendance at the Jackson Lake Campus. If we are to continue reaching South Newton County then we need to build the Jackson Lake Campus a permanent worship center. We already own 13 acres of prime real estate on Highway 36, and we need to build a church building that will facilitate ministry seven days a week. The JLC ministry partners need a place they can proudly invite their friend to attend.

In our effort to continue reaching East Newton County, we believe the Covington Campus is also in need of some renovations to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for ministry partners to bring friends and family into. After 16 years in the same building it is time to upgrade technology and decor, remodel restroom space, pave our parking lots and build a 3, 000 square foot atrium that will create a welcoming space for coffee, fellowship, and a place where newcomers canmeet some smiling faces. God has entrusted us with a great Destiny to REACH every corner of this county and every other corner He calls us to. I believe in God’s vision for His church to multiply. That is why i am asking you to prayerfully consider making the most generous contribution you have ever made to the REACH Campaign. Pastor Scott

REACH One More

Love leaves Eastridge Community Church each week after every service. It moves in our city streets and neighborhoods introducing more people to Christ.

Eastridge Community Church is all about loving God and loving our neighbors – extending the love of Christ to Covington and Newton County. Each week, people are finding their way to one of Eastridge’s campuses, discovering a growing, vibrant church, and becoming a part of a revolution of hope – a hope they want to share with their families friends and neighbors. But we have a challenge. In order to REACH more to Christ, we need to establish a 24/7 facility for the Jackson Lake Campus and strategic facility enhancements at our Covington Campus to help us reach one more for God. One more couple… One more person… One more child at a time.

Love moves in our County extending Hope through Service, Acts of Kindness, and living like Christ. 8 out of 10 people in Newton County DO NOT attend church regularly.

So reach out and welcome one another to God’s glory. Jesus did it ; now you do it! Romans 15:& The Message

We are ordinary people but he is an extraordinary God! Now is the time to take hold of His extraordinary lead for ECC to REACH Newton County.

We need leaders and partners to step forward to continue the task of turning ordinary people into extraordinary followers of Christ. REACH is a movement that God has birthed within our local church. It involves being a part of changed lives. This REACH project will require all who call ECC their church family to REACH out together as we put others first recognizing that our generosity and sacrifice are simply a response to Jesus’ transforming love at work in our own lives.

Eastridge Community Church has a rich history built on faith, vision, and power! We have been a church that’s committed to going beyond the four walls of  our building and reaching people for Christ. we have made a tremendous impact on our community, providing a welcoming atmosphere for worship, fellowship, and life changing Bible teaching that builds strong families, mends marriages, and brings hope to the hurting. While our history is encouraging, our future is exciting. The opportunities for impact are limitless. Today, all of us need to prayerfully commit to Eastridge’s future and our mission to reach the world with Christ’s love. We are asking each person who calls Eastridge his or her home to pray this prayer ………. Jesus, please give me your heart for people who don’t know you yet. Open my heart to courageously do whatever it takes to REACH them with your transforming love. Open my hands to a lifestyle of giving that reflects your heart and brings hope tot he world.

Hope moves in our County through you!

I will be on a personal mission and campaign to invite many in our community to Eastridge and attempt to REACH as many as people as possible for our REACH campaign. I would love to see you on Thursday nights for Celebrate Recovery and Sunday morning worship service and it is highly recommended that you attend Honorable Ozburn’s growth group class. Best lecturer and mentor ever.

Lovingly in his precious and holy name,

On a quest,




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