A journey even further into my womanhood.

A journey even further into my womanhood.

Everyone. Each and everyone of us have many before’s and after’s during the course of our lifetime. I have had numerous myself that are worth reminiscing. Thus I take care to take care of my past, present and future. Attempting hard to never burn bridges. I have had so many before’s and after’s yet with each a successful and blessed ending to a brand new bright and shiny new beginning. Ken and I are now in our new home and the wedding will be in August. We have a lovely pond in our back yard and an awesome fire pit and have had pecan grilled chicken, potatoes and onions from the grill tonight. It was delicious. He is my chef. Praise the Lord! I will have to make him some of my famous chicken and dumplings one of these days when I screw up! I have never made chicken and dumplings from scratch except for my ex marital family.

This is a before and after summer for me. We have joined the local Covington, GA YMCA and I will be working out, weight training and swimming all summer into Autumn. We have already begun visiting the gym and pool. Today we took a lovely walk around our pond and I fully intend to have many mornings of coffee and devotional time with the Lord our God at our pond in the swing. We have a matching swing in our front yard. The move has been truly exciting and lovely. Still getting odds and ends moved in and each and every room sorted out. The home was built in 1887 and I am very curious as to its origin and history in Newton County. I plan on doing some heavy research on our new home in great hopes of finding the answers that lie within these walls of our 1887 home.

So here’s to another before and after that is just beginning for me. Please join me along my journey. A journey even further into my womanhood.




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