Independence Day 2016 Covington GA USA

Independence Day 2016

I was so very fortunate enough to be able to attend school with Mr. Michael Floyd of Covington, GA. His parents being Mr. and Mrs. Floyd, Fire Chief of Covington, Newton County, Georgia. I ran into Mrs. Floyd at Merle Norman on the Square a while back and we talked about days of ole and school days of times past. I gently reminded her what wonderful parents and great example and excellent mentors her and Mr. Floyd had been to all of us children throughout our entire education being so involved with Michael and all his classmates. It was an honor and a privilege to run into Mr. Floyd this evening in front of the Mystic Grill Restaurant awaiting the Walk of Heroes a salute to all Veterans tonight at the Covington Fireworks extravaganza. They made such a  life long lasting impression in my life and led me to being room mother every single year for all my children during their upbringing. Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Floyd for without you our generation and world would be lost. Your dedication, time and devotion were outstanding and beyond measure and words. I am forever indebted and grateful. Lovingly, April Fuller Sasser


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