How many times is it necessary for one to tell the world that she will not be silenced as a family violence victim? How many times is it necessary to tell the world that she has NEVER had not one single hint, suggestion, question, implication nor accusation as to any wrongdoing as a mother NOR as a wife nor her motherly or wifely obligations and responsibilities? How many times is it necessary until your children are no longer brain washed against you? Already having had one to come to me on in a cry and plea for help in a time of distress as of recent. Who does she turn to? Me. Her mother.

My daughter and I are supposed to have a PO BOX set up a long time ago for communication and gifts between the two of us and for our lives to have a reunification process for a full, open and loving bond that we once shared.

Mr. Sasser remains to stay in a state of contempt along with the Sasser’s lying to my girls. I have dealt with an education and family history of mental illness since I was 20 years old with my girls and have went on to further my life and education by becoming a Certified Peer Specialist for the State of Georgia in hopes of helping them given no other adult in their lives have done so. Their lives and well being have turned out to be just like that of their birth mother full of confirmed remiss, abuse and neglect towards her very own children. No education. No employment. No homes to call their own. Pure demise and ruin and it continues to be such to this date. Along with nothing but hatred and harsh and hateful words against me among FAMILY member but NEVER any hint to a teacher, a counselor, a psychiatrist, law enforcement, an attorney, nor ANY Judge or Honorable ever. NOT EVER. Only among family and my girls and the public. I have fought long and hard for 20 plus years for these 4 girls and NEVER truly shared the intimate details of the hell I lived through and still do to this present date and time. Clearly I am going to have to have Mr. Sasser brought up on contempt charges once again even though my daughter will be an adult in the eyes of the law come this October.

I have worked hard at attending therapy for the abuse I endured and the depression that came along with being separated from my girls due to the abuse and nothing more per my part nor behalf. I have worked hard at becoming a Certified Peer Specialist with hopes of getting my girls the therapy that they NEVER receive regardless of how many teachers, counselors, attorney and Judges inform Mr. Sasser that they need it. And NOT because NOR due to me nor my mothering either for that matter.

Advocacy for my children is very important to me and according to others in the public eye, my daughter’s mother in law and my own girls and children there are and have been so many lies and threats against me and against her if she were to have a relationship with me. Brainwashing her into thinking that she cannot have communication with me at anytime she so desires to do so.

I grew up with a birth family, an adoptive family and an aunt and uncle that NEVER attempted to raise me to hate or judge another family member against another as I have never done myself with any of my children. Clearly the advocacy must continue given weight to what all has been shared with me today.


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