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Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward. Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) Danish philosopher and writer.

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  • Just as in A Short Guide to a Happy Life by Anna Quendlin There is a “Before” and an “After” Me.

    • Just as in A Short Guide to a Happy Life by Anna Quendlin There is a “Before” and an “After” Me.

    Before August 2004 and afterwards. I came across this quote author unknown and it reminded me of when one is in need of a support system.

    I am homesick for a place I am not sure exists. One where my heart is full. My body loved. And my soul understood. This is what it often feels like when you have no constant support system. With both parent’s being deceased it is very trying.

    I wake up every morning with the though this is a “Fresh” Morning, Day, Plans, Hopes, Efforts, Successes, Feelings.

    Hoping to have a fresh and successful day every day.

    Because negative thinkers always have a negative vision and give off negative energy.

    If you become off track or off purpose you lose Divine Order.

    When you come to a fork in the Road you should take it. My works human nature. Real Life is really all I know. Anna Quindlen

    You are the only person who has sole custody of your life as she speaks of “Looking at the View.”

    My “View” consists of:

    1972 Birth

    1974 Abandoned by natural father and all biological family

    1974 My “father” Mr. Mayron Fuller being introduced into my life

    1976 Adoption by my father Mr. Mayron Fuller

    1982 Death of my maternal grandmother from Cancer and my parent’s divorce.

    1986 Freshman in high school for the first time

    Family dysfunction and my being in the custody of The State of Georgia brought Honorable Ozburn into my life as my family law attorney and mentor. But  not before I lived at The Georgia Baptist Children’s Home, The Alcove Shelter, Palmetto High School, and Hartwell at Harwell High School before my aunt and uncle Mr. and Ms. Jerry and Roxie Nunley being allowed to have me live life with them. My mother’s sister and uncle by marriage.

    Even with two high functioning parent’s.

    1987 Freshman for the second time

    1987 Suicide Attempt with no follow up or mental health counseling services after I tried living with my biological father for a while and it did nothing but ruin my life even further and trigger more bad memories.

    Leaving me with burdens, sorrow and suffering. My afflictions great and painful. Left with broken hopes.

    This was one of Life’s Tests for me as the “After” me discovered I have Codependency as the caregiver to those with bad habits such as drugs, alcohol and gambling and mental or physical issues of their own.

    I was left in dire despair to return to Newton High once again was a huge challenge as living with my natural father did me no good it only led me to attempted suicide. And left with much spiritual discernment that I never thought I could consider would ever hurt that intensely again. I was very wrong as you will learn.

    I set goals for myself after being represented by Honorable Ozburn and moving in with my aunt and uncle and achieved the goal of graduating and marching with the class of 1991 from Newton County High School. 1 year off course with my history being right here in my hometown at

    The Little Red School House private Kindergarten

    Ficquett Elementary

    Sharp Middle

    Newton High

    Dekalb Technical College Business/Legal Office Program and Paralegal Program

    American Realty Professionals

    View Point Health and The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network

    Honorable Ozburn and my aunt and uncle took great measures to have much patience with me. In the summer of 1990 I worked as a day – camp counselor at Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center for the entire summer still visiting Ridgecrest today.

    I thought at the time of my attempted suicide in 1987 I was a completed failure full of misfortune.

    I went on to graduate and march with the class of 1991 and then straight into parenting with the birth of my first son in 1992.

    1992 Birth of my son Tyler – I was 20 years old

    1994 Separated from Tyler’s father after many years and growing up at Oxford Baptist Church together and moving in with my ex husband Chuck Sasser.

    1995 Marriage and raising four children including 3 step daughter’s that I would adopt in 1999.

    1999 Adoption of my 3 step daughter’s after much advocacy for them in the court system in Rockdale County as their natural mother has been investigated and charged with much remiss, neglect and abuse.

    Independent Adoption Report – State of Georgia

    1. Verification of allegations contained in the petition
    2. Circumstances under which the minor children came to be placed for adoption

    III. Whether the proposed adoptive parent is financially, physically and mentally able to have the permanent custody of the minor child

    1. The physical and mental condition of the minor children to be adopted
    2. Whether or not the adoption is in the best interest of the minor children
    3. Suitability of the home to the minor children

    VII. Other information – References

    Four references were obtained on myself, Leslie Syles, school counselor, Julie Manders, school counselor, Mark Zielenske, family friend, Charles and Dot Sasser. All of the references support the adoption of the minor children by the petitioner, April Christina Fuller Sasser

    1999 Birth of my youngest daughter

    1999 Enrolled in school at Dekalb Technical College

    1999-2002 A student at Dekalb Technical College where I also picked up the Paralegal Program of study with the Honorable Virgil Costley of my past allowing me to write the introduction to the Paralegal Program for The GA Association of Paralegals “The Paragraph.” Along with receiving the Velocity Student of The Year Award and working as a juvenile probation officer reporting directly to Honorable Waters and Honorable Schneider and working closely with Esquire Mr. John Strauss, Sr. of The Newton County Public Defender’s Office. Which Mr. Strauss was the first District Attorney and first Public Defender of The Alcovy Judicial Circuit my being his very first intern ever. I then went on to do some motivational speaking for The GA Department of Labor. We hold the power to create masterpieces, we are the sculptors of our lives.

    Growing up at Oxford Baptist Church from about the 5th grade until 21 years of age. I always found myself seeking spiritual insight and guidance. As God has been the Architect of my life and never left or failed me during hardship.

    June 2003-June 2004 I worked as a Leasing Office Manager, Contract Paralegal to The GA Force indoor arena league football team and Turn Key Manager for an up and rising new apartment community. As is documented through The GA Department of Labor I left work early one day without full permission to care for a sick child.

    February 2004 The divorce was filed as Irretrievably broken or Irreconcilable Differences.

    No hint, question, suggestion, implication nor accusation as to any wrong doing on my behalf as a mother nor as a wife has ever been brought up nor brought to my attention.

    June 2004 I bought my own home in Covington taking chances that I could provide for myself and my children as I had custody of my youngest daughter and son at the time. I began a journey of self – discovery.

    August of 2004 The “After” Me.

    I was hospitalized at Northside Hospital and a voluntary admission to Peachford Hospital for family violence, the victim of battery and codependency as the caregiver. As well Honorable Bills had typed up her prepared proposed Opinion to the courts of Rockdale County giving me custody of our youngest daughter, visits with my older adopted girls at any time we so choose to and for Mr. Sasser not to interfere in our relationship and for me to continue with counseling as the codependent caregiver as I have never had addictive diseases as an issue in my life’s journey.

    September 2005 -2006 It was my word against someone else’s in the courtroom and I was incarcerated for making alleged contact with an individual I have never even met nor laid eyes on until that day in court. Neither of us have ever had the pleasure of meeting the other. Never even being alone in the same room together. Never knowing where this individual lived and never having face to face contact in any fashion whatsoever and spent 90 days on the forensic unit at Georgia Regional and was then given time served and released. Which all matters have been resolved and the case closed since which only involved a handful of alleged telephone calls to the individual. Along with the death of my mother while I was incarcerated. It nearly killed me as I only needed someone to talk to. Someone to help me hold my home and children together. My mother’s passing was very troubling for me and I grieved her daily and never got to attend any of her funeral services and still have no closure from my mother’s passing. Along with the illness of Esquire Mr. Strauss from Cancer. As I do not discuss this matter very often but have been most honest and upfront with therapists, attorney’s, Judge’s, The Covington News and my community there is a greater and deeper more fragile issue at hand that I take into account and consideration of the other party before I mention this issue that I feel great compassion and respect for.

    September 2006 Brought “New Life” for me and “Seeing the daylight” once again. I began filing back regarding my four girls and filed a Pro Se case against Mr. Sasser and won the hearing handled by Honorable Nation. In great anticipation of once again seeing my girls and delivering the truth to Honorable Nation. With a steadfast heart began the “New Life” of the “After” Me in pursuit of a full, open and living relationship with my girls that we had once shared. Which has been fully delivered and granted with much success in the Rockdale Judicial Circuit and The Alcovy Judicial Circuit to present date. It was an uphill battle as I have continued to move upward in the courts of Rockdale, Walton and Newton in the Juvenile Courts and Superior Court.

    Honorable Ozburn had a great influence in my life once again and held the hand of my daughter in his chambers.

    2006-2013 Court hearings whereas I have lived up to the standards and responsibilities the court would expect of me. Being independent and self – reliant yet still very shaky and feeling as though I had lost all hope and talents of mine. Living with lost talent.

    2004 I became a client of View Point Health and Dr. Asaf Aleem Director of Peachford Hospital

    2010 I began my WordPress blog

    2011 I began my Covington News blog


    I was little but mighty. I was using my imagination and journaling and attending many community events and photographing these events and blogging for my community. I feel as though I gave the voiceless a voice in the O.C.G.A. that will forever be left behind in the law arena and forum.

    For family violence victims, those parentally alienated and the mentally challenged. Standing up against the Stigma of Mental Illness for this state of GA.

    2010 I began group therapy once a week at View Point Health as I was living with a roommate at the time in Covington. Barely able to get out of bed once again with burdens, sorrow and suffering. Wondering and left shattered not knowing I would EVER be ME again. I knew then I would never attain the “Before” me again.

    She was lost.

    Dwindling away into nothing even though the winds in court yet still with no relief as Mr. Sasser remained in a constant state of contempt. Wasting opportunity after opportunity as I felt numb, lsot, betrayed and helpless and hopeless. Except on Thursdays when I attended group therapy at View Point Health for one hour for the grieving.

    Family had abandoned me to care for and raise my son alone as at one point his father had kicked him out of his home. Living with false hopes, dreams and no friends.

    I kept attending on Thursday’s and with my Covington News blog became a Star Gazer once again.

    With many a fortuitous thought. I was numb still but had one again found my conscious due to View Point Health and the many wins in court of The Alcovy Judical Circuit and Rockdale Circuit.

    I did not long for worldly riches only for peace and my girls and the “Before” Me again to come back to life.

    I kept telling myself If I had the time but in reality that was all I had as I slept the days and nights away writing letter after letter about my girls and our rights.

    I would say be still my heart and rest and be gentle with yourself as I was being taught by View Point Health.

    I felt so undeserving. I was making progress and in a time of growth but not fast enough for me.

    I expected miracles.

    Never dreaming or realizing that yes they would come to pass.

    I was so discontent as I searched for the answer to be the “Before” Me again before the battery of August 2004.

    Hearings gave me self – control, discipline and Justice has been served. But not without a road of enemies such as my ex family and estrangement of my very own family and four girls.

    I knew I had future potential I just did not know how to find it again. All the joyous moments gone and left with fruitless worry.

    I had a very beautiful and understanding roommate for years.

    After leaving her home I have found myself homeless on several occasions once staying at Factory Shoals Camp ground several summers ago. I found myself inside a panic attack and homeless so I drove myself to Peachford to consult with my private doctor and on my heart disease that was giving me much anxiety. He admitted me under a voluntary admission. After release I had nowhere to go. I found myself at the door step of View Point Health and Newton Medical Center.

    Hospital release paperwork and clearly and evidently my eyes were communicating I was trying but needed help.

    I thought while sitting with the power out and in the pouring rain at Newton Medical where I had taken shelter you get a thorn with every rose but every rose is sweet.

    I continued to follow up daily with View Point Health and that is when I met and came to know Ms. Jennifer Speights of Newton County View Point Health. Where I learned from her; that once again that God’s existence is best shown in human expressions of Love.

    She had me attend New Rock day services classes and helped me obtain housing that I could afford and an apartment to call my own. I began the day classes of New Rock taking classes and teaching classes to my Peers at the school in Newton County of New Rock. I have attended and taught many classes at New Rock where I have also became close with Ms. Quianna Sydnor and have graduated New Rock along with graduating The Respect Institute, The GA Peer Support Institute , The ACT Team and The Supportive Employment program and onto becoming a CNA for the GA Dept. of Human Resources and a company in Covington.

    I have had many teachers and excellent mentors at New Rock to enrich my life and many individuals namely Ms. Jennifer, Ms. Quianna, Ms. Brenda and Ms. Judy who have had open arms for me and given me love and support and friendship. Things have not always been perfection but I have been very happy.

    It had been years since I had sat and read an entire book so I read To Heaven and Back by Dr. Mary C. Neal given to me by a friend which I treasure this story as I feel I have lived a similar life experience in 2003-2004.

    I am working as a Certified Nursing Assistant and am planning to continue by applying for Certified Peer Specialist in the State of Georgia.

    The requirements being:

    > Candidates must have diagnosis of mental illness or a dual diagnosis of mental illness and addictive disease and must desire to identify themselves as a person with mental illness current or former consumer of mental health services.

    > Applicants must hold a high school diploma or GED and may be requested to provide a copy of this document.

    > Must demonstrate strong reading comprehension and written communication skills as indicated on their responses on the pre – test which is part of the application.

    > Must have demonstrated experience with leadership, advocacy or governance.

    > Must be well grounded in recovery

    These facts are taken directly from the Certified Peer Specialist brochure.

    The motto of the CPS being “Each One Reach One.”

    I plan on making application this July to The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network after working so closely with the physically and mentally challenged. A goal of mine just as working as a CNA was and accomplished.

    As Ms. Brenda Williams of my life acting as my CPS has had a great influence in my life as she is so very patient and her door always open and a big hug for you and all the support you could ever ask for. Along with her heart always big and considerate.

    She has taught me to take the sum of my past experiences and turn them into one big joyful noise of a Masterpiece.

    Working towards my CPS Certification, living independently and putting a roof over my heard for over ten years now supporting myself fully making more progress with each passing day as I have helped to raise my son and at times been his only parent and friend.

    I have been attending Eastridge Community Church that is Elder led and was re baptized just a few short weeks ago as a re dedication through Celebrate Recovery and attend Honorable Ozburn’s lectures on Sunday mornings when I am not working along with Celebrate Recovery on Thursdays.

    New Rock has taught me

    Sacrifice, Discipline, Breaking barriers, self – reliance and gave me back my mysticism.

    In 2013 featured at Skyland Trail was my Covington News Blog. Honorable Ozburn once again mentor and teaching me what to and how to pray fervently for myself and others. Giving me back my cheerful heart bearing much fruit and defining charms and along with the support of View Point Health.

    Just last week I was a guest speaker on Thrive Global Radio Network with Mary Nichelson and Kellye Davis Williams discussing bullying, taking care of yourself as the care giver and spirituality. My boyfriend Ken joined us on the show.


    I am currently reading

    A short guide to a Happy Life Anna Quindlen and Wisdom Meets Passion When Generations collide and collaborate Dan Miller Jared Angaza and Mentoring Confidence in Finding a Mentor and becoming one Bobb Biehl

    Thank you all for allowing me to share this synopsis of my life. Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly. Robert F. Kennedy

    My recent speech for the Mayor and guests of View Point Health.

    Currently working as a Certified Nursing Assistant and anxiously awaiting the essay application in May for the CPS Certified Peer Specialist application.

    So even with a past or a past of baggage one can still learn how to obtain success, integrity and character and build an exceptionally wonderful life. Do not give up so easy on others or yourself for that matter. As a beacon in the night is strong my Lord has shown me his purpose and will for my life. I fervently pray I continue to bear good fruits.

February 8th – 1972 – birth

1982 – divorce of parent’s – Mayron and Brenda Fuller

1982 – death of grandmother – Dora Irene Chriswell – CANCER

1986 – change in Custody – I went to live with my Aunt & Uncle – Roxie and Jerry Nunley

1986 – 1991 – Newton County High School, Covington, Georgia

1991 – (after 5 years of high school) – graduate

Summer 1990 – Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center DayCamp Counselor

1991 – Newton County High school graduate

1992 – birth of son, Tyler

1995 – marriage to Charles (Chuck) Sasser

1999 – Final Adoption of step – daughters, Destiny, Brittany and Amber

1999 – birth of daughter, Charli Savannah

2000 – Dekalb Technical College

2000 – Diagnosis of Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Disease – Genetically inherited, not contagious, http://www.alphaone.org

2001 – Certificate of Appointment of Notary Public

2002 – Dekalb Technical College graduate – Business/Legal office diploma – Paralegal certification

2003 – Georgia Real Estate classes completed, you may see achievements in my blogroll on homepage.

2004 – 2004 cv 1246 N still lingering to spite (5) five Honorables to date that have instructed Mr. Sasser that he will NOT remain in a constant state of contempt. March 7th 2012 acrfs

2005 – divorce of April Fuller Sasser and Charles (Chuck) Sasser

2005 – 2006 – September 2005 – September 2006 / A year for growing and learning. This was a very hard year for me to endure. It was bitter sweet. My divorce was finalized, my mother passed away, the beginning of parental alienation of myself and my daughters – Destiny, Brittany, Amber and Charli Savannah, my life began to fall apart – in being bitter sweet – I was dealing with a lot. The position was a very trying time considering. On the other hand, I am grateful for the learning experience and the surroundings of my life and body shielded and protected me from a lot of pain and in the long run looking back kept me from thoughts of harming myself or suicide.

2006 – death of mother – Brenda Chriswell Fuller

2007 – death of granfather – Eugene Chriswell – brain tumor CANCER

2008 – March 21st, 2008 – Honorable Sidney Nation, Rockdale Judicial Circuit reverses his previous decision per me and my daughter Charli Savannah. Interim order issued per our reunification process in our favor.

2009 – death of father – Mayron Fuller – CANCER

2010 – Diagnosis of Pericardial Effusion – (fluid around the heart)

2004 – 2010 – Advocate for ending domestic abuse and family violence – Advocate of  NAMI (National Alliance of the Mentally Ill)

NAMI  International and NAMI Georgia –

May 2011 – Cardiac catheterization at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia – pericardial effusion

May 24th 2011 – Superior Court, Walton County Georgia, Re: April Sasser v. Charles Sasser – contempt action per court ordered visitation of my daughter Charli Savannah Sasser, Judge Samuel Ozburn, (see my page Advocate Awareness for synopsis)

May 2011 – Honorable Samuel Ozburn upheld Honorable Stanley Rhymer’s order from a year earlier per me and my daughter Charli Savannah, on my behalf. Contempt action, ruling in our favor. Alcovy Judicial Circuit

December  2011 – Superior Court, all expert and witness testimony in mine and my daughter’s behalf and favor, 100%. Mr. Sasser, ordered to comply with a couple of order’s or be incarcerated at Noon that Friday following court, RE, Judge Stanley Rhymer and Judge Samuel Ozburn, – Juvenile Order incorporated as such as Superior Court order, Both order’s of the Juvenile Court’s and the Superior Court’s in mine and my daughter’s favor and on our behalf to current, 4 (four) since, 2004, up to and including Mr. Sasser’s very own attorney of choosing, now present day, Honorable Nancy Bills

of Rockdale Aware. Can be viewed at this blog in its entirety as well. Is posted and has been for year’s now to current.

January 2012

Civil Action File No: 11-0723-3 In the Superior Court of Walton County State of Georgia

Clerk Superior Court, Walton County Georgia USA Alcovy Judicial Circuit, of open and public record

January 9th 2012
re: Sasser v Sasser
Civil Action File No: 11-0723-3
January 5th 2012
In the Superior Court of Walton County State of Georgia
April C. Sasser Plaintiff,
Charles R. Sasser, Defendant,
The Court reserves ruling on the issue of contempt but recognizes the need to assure compliance with the Order of this Court that the Plaintiff’s relationship with herchild as a parent be fully established.
This 5 day of January, 2012
Samuel D. Ozburn
Judge, Superior Courts
Alcovy Judicial Circuit
Certificate of Service
Donna K Bailey, Judicial Secretary
for the Honorable Judge Samuel D. Ozburn
(I will get the entire Order scanned, asap)

Clerk Superior Court, Walton County Georgia USA Alcovy Judicial Circuit, of open and public record


2004, Honorable Nancy Bills, Rockdale County, Georgia USA, Opinion and prepared, proposed Order, Superior Court

and of note; Mr. Sasser’s very own attorney of record and choosing

2008, Honorable Sidney Nation, Rockdale County, Georgia USA, Order, Superior Court

2010, Honorable Stanley Rhymer, Alcovy Judicial Circuit, Walton County, Georgia USA, Order, Juvenile Court

2011, Honorable Samuel D. Ozburn, Alcovy Judicial Circuit, Walton County, Georgia USA,, Superior Court, contempt hearing, Order

2012, Honorable Samuel D. Ozburn, Alcovy Judicial Circuit, Walton County, Georgia USA,, Superior Court, contempt hearing

and of note; upheld and made clear in open court that Juvenile Judge, Honorable Stanley Rhymer’s Order of therapeutic

visitation with the goal of a full and open relationship once again, remain standing and be upheld. Order

The only issue left remaining is the analogy of the Superior Court on January 5th 2012. Of which, a wound that should endure no

further, scarring. Not to mention, the Parental Alienation and Estrangement of (6) six, individual’s lives since 2004, and with no fact’s or evidence of any wrong doing as parent to child or child to parent nor as wife to husband, either, for that matter. Georgia, USA


April Fuller Sasser
 – Link

‎(shepardizing), up to and including any and all authenticated documented forensic records and other such record’s that may or may not be readily available upon request, intimidation, get’s you no where in life and is not a threatening tactic I take lightly nor that I am little or none the less concerned of whereas certain individuals or fallen groups may or may not be concerned, at any rate, tread lightly, even the wealthy and most powerful of this state of GA., maintain their composure at all times and never show signs of intimidation or any otherwise; for that matter;as has been no need as such, nor is, nor will be,…..



Ms. April C. Ramey Fuller Sasser 2004 cv 1246 Rockdale County Georgia

I have spent the majority of the day at the Rockdale County Courthouse and in Conyers GA., I have discovered a good bit of paperwork and documentation that is a part of Case # 2004-cv-1246 which is my divorce case #. I am so upset as well. Especially given the facts of the documentation and its contents and many Rockdale County Conyers GA not following through as to family violence incident of August 2004 involving me and my (5) children. It is as plain as day that numerous attorneys have clearly chosen to neglect the fact of famly violence involving us that year. In their own words it is stated that my being hospitalized is for reasons “unknown.” Why? Why ? And Why no follow up and follow through? Not by anyone of this Judicial Circuit. Not until I informed the Circuit of the fact of the incident in 2007 and 2008. Of “family violence” that exists with “violence” “medical need and necessity” “presentation to an emergency room” “follow – up therapy and counseling.” All of documented authenticated Forensic record of the Judicail nature and State nature to date. NO drugs, NO alcoholism, NO gambling, No Disease, No abuse, No neglect, No remiss, No Adultery, No Theft, None. Nothing of None. None. Not towards my children and not towards my ex husband of many years. NONE up to and including the legal investigation, home evealuation and full approval adoption of Mr. Sasser’s three daughters in 1999 of this state of Georgia with a year process time and investigation that was conducted of me and my children prior to approval and signed with the Gold Seals. All new birth certificates delieverd to my home October 1999 after Charli Savannah’s birth. I do know that I have never had any right’s of mine whatsoever taken or stripped of me towards any of my children however they have in the past been kept from me and with no facts or evidence to support this. None. Added ABUSE and TRAUMA to me and my children that my children have more than suffered the aftermath of and still currently are to present date.Abuse comes in many forms. I have suffered them ALL by Mr. Sasser’s hand and of this State of Georgia.

I have made statute possible in this state of GA for family vilence victims, for parental alienation victims, for mental illness, for children and juveniles.

Case 2004 cv 1246 Rockdale County, Conyers GA USA

moved to Walton County GA., USA Alcovy Judicial Circuit after Honorable Nation entered his Order reversing his previous decison informing Mr. Sasser in open court that I could have contact with Detiny Brittany and Amber at anytime that I so chose to and for Mr. Sasser to get our daughter Charli Savannah into thereapy immediately re the reunification process request and plan.

Why have I found the judicial documentation that I have found today while further shepardizing this case?

Where no one in Rockdale County GA USA and as well a couple in Historic Newton County GA USA gives a damn about family violence and its victims and their minor children and the outcome that it has on these children, families and mothers? Or rather, I guess I should say given the Court Order’s since this date (DID) Not give a damn?

“Real Family Violence”, more than documented from 1994 – 2004 and August of 2004 – March 2012?

Why? Updating.

It is more than clear in plain ink and English that the entire Judicial Circuit and County including Rockdale and Newton County knew exactly where I was hospitalized at and it events that took place to.

Family Violence requiring ER examination continued therapy which was voluntary, regardless if it was voluntary or not, that does not make a damn.

And more trauma to date stemming clearly from August 2004 of and to me and my five children.

I have sat with the Rockdale County District Attorney’s office today along with a couple attorneys and have informed them directly with the judicial documentation stamped by the Superior Court that I have no intention on not continuing to advocate for Charli Savannahs LAW everyday of my life until I die. I will be reminding you.

Physical injury, Mental Injury, Emotional Injury, Diagnosis of, Trauma. Family Violence. Presentation for the care, treatment, therapy and comfort of being a true family violence victim.

Not one of us was recognized as such. Not me and not any one of my (5) children. Of which this State of Georgia has more than failed countlessly time and time again.

Nobody has ever implied that I should give up on these issues and nobody has ever implied that I give up on my dream and hope of Charli’s LAW. Nobody of this State. So, thank you. Nobody has ever asked me to stop being an active advocate either. And I have no intention of such either.

You stole OUR LIVES. Mine is still being actively stolen on  a daily basis even given the fact of (5) Honorable’s to date of my behalf and mine and my daughter’s favor. Even given this to spite them my ex husband and his family seem to think that he is going to remain in  constant state of contempt of this State of GA., USA. Most importantly this State of GA, has stolen my children’s lives. Forevermore it appears to be at this point in time.

Further Elaboration is forthcoming with each and every individuals names that have been a party to this since its inception in 2004 of the Rockdale Judicial Circuit and my family law attorney at a later date in Newton County. Of which none currently represent me any longer.

And all of an Ex Parte Motion and Order dated September 16th 2004. Prepared by Esquire Nancy Bills Attorney for Plaintiff Georgia Bar No. 535127, present day Honorable Nancy Bills of which Opinion and prepared and proposed Order of 2004 is posted at Advocate Awareness giving me custody of Charli and for Chuck not to interfere in mine and the girls relationship signed by Honorable Sidney Nation. (Correction) not signed. NOT my copy anyway. Asked of this on the courthouseforum years ago “Is something missing?” Now who would have known or even thought to have asked that question to me of the courthouse forum?” I wonder as much.  At any rate.  MY copy is NOT signed.
(1) Esquire Nancy Bills
(2) Esquire Michael Waldrop Georgia Bar No. 000580
(3) Esquire Paul Oeland
(4) Esquire Michael Waters
(5) Honorable Sidney Nation

Of which 2004 cv 1246 of August 2004 would have taken approximately
a handful of telephone calls
a Motion/Petition
appearance of RCSO/file
(as I did Pro Se in 2007 of RCSO)
authenticated forensic medical documentation and letter of clearance of health which was readily made available to the Rockdale County Judicial Circuit in 2004.
These things above would have taken a matter of a couple of days on the Rockdale County Judicial Circuits behalf and NONE of this would have ever taken place in mine and my children’s lives.
The list is monstrous.
Of which I have been surmountable to date.
My entire life’s history has involved an Attorney, a Judge and some Courthouse of this State of GA., USA
What am I to do?
“This” “is” “Advocacy!”

now, I am being asked to schedule appointment with a breast surgeon of clinical oncology asap in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

So I got a call shortly ago from my nurse and the doctor wanted to speak to me in greater detail. So, now, I am being asked to schedule appointment with a breast surgeon of clinical oncology asap in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.
Tuesday March 6 2012
April Fuller Sasser
55 minutes ago
Let us see now. Okay spoke to the nurse today. Here is the latest medical update.
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April Fuller Sasser 1. Alpha I Antitrypsin Deficiency carrier phenotype MZ of which I have already explained down the page that ALL HUMANS have Alpha I Antitrypsin of your bod. It is called Alpha I Antitrypsin “Deficiency” (deficient) of. Genetically inherited not contagious. There is NO cure. Serum Levels were normal as of 2011. Mammogram and Ultrasound of both my breasts were normal. Follow up in one year. Three cat scans. Pericardial Effusion is still currently present. Patchy Lobe Infiltrate is present. Either pneumonia or early stages of Cancer. On medication presently to address this. I was corrected today, cat scan follow up in (4) weeks from last week, not (1). (4) weeks. NO SIGNS OF EMPHYSEMA at this time present. Labwork normal except for minor exceptions that do not appear clinically relevant. My Carbon Dioxide level is this matter. SED RATE NORMAL. CBC NORMAL THYROID NORMAL NEOPLASM VS. PNEUMONIA / Labwork since 02-08-1972 to 03-06-2012 can prove disease and drug free. Much labwork done since 2000 to present and 2010 to present. Including Cardiac Labwork Workup several times to current. But at any rate ALL DISEASE AND DRUG FREE TO DATE. To finish medication and schedule follow up cat scans in (4) weeks. Newton County GA USA has issues of Cancer statistics up to and including issue and statistics of Environmental Cancer. And not only Newton County GA of this list. According to Newton County Women’s Diagnostic Center, Covington GA. USA among other. Mrs. Dial among other’s were so kind and gentle with me last week. It was so nice to see her lovely face. btw She is now married. Can you believe it? And has moved her letter of “membership” from OBC to elsewhere to worship with her newfound Love and husband. I for one have never moved my letter of membership since very young. And for very good “Southern Baptist” reasoning. Oh the floods of memories of all those trips of my youth. And mentors and friend’s that I have held so dearly and still do. Except for Mr. Parent of the Year, Richard Craig Daniel of abandonment land. Until he learns what a parental reunification process plan is. So, I shall be following up in (4) weeks re: follow up cat scans and scheduling appointment for additional follow up for concern or Pericardial Effusion still present to date. Along with joining the ranks of the hunt and chase of the statistical concerns of Newton County having issues of high ranking of Cancer and Environmental Cancer. I think that covers it all for now. If not. I am certain I will think of it later. Thank you to all those who continue to contact me of concern, love and prayer for me. I am most appreciative everyday and do count my blessings and achieved Great Expectations. Thx – simply, april ♥

This is my 6:00 a.m. and & 7:00 a.m. breakfast in the a.m. (2) bottles of Readi – Cat 2 Barium Sulfate Suspension You drink it. And then you get the IV Contrast upon arrival. Readi – Cat my tail! This is “Fraidy – Cat!” Barium Sulfate Suspension!

This is my 6:00 a.m. and & 7:00 a.m. breakfast in the a.m.
(2) bottles of Readi – Cat 2 Barium Sulfate Suspension
You drink it.

Can you hardly believe you must drink all this chalky mess?

I do not even like fruity beverages.
And then you get the IV Contrast upon arrival.
Readi – Cat my tail!
This is “Fraidy – Cat!” Barium Sulfate Suspension!
April Fuller Sasser Thank you Alpha Friend here was the outcome from my meet with my primary care physician last week. 25
FEB 2012
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Let it Flow …The troubling Vital Sign Flow Sheets …

Let it Flow …The troubling Vital Sign Flow Sheets …

First of all I am an Alpha Female. Alpha I Antitrypsin Deficiency carrier, DNA phenotype MZ diagnosed in the year 2000. Of which, is a very long and interesting tale of discovery of this diagnosis involving myself and my family which is why I never really discuss the discovery much. Alpha I is not contagious it is Genetic. Genetically inherited. Chromosome 14. Everyone has Alpha I in your bloodstream. Alpha I carrier’s are deficient. Thus, Alpha I Antitrypsin Deficiency. Let us all hope and pray it is not discovered to one day be contagious. It was only just discovered in 1963 by Carl-Bertil Laurell (1919–2001).

Secondly I have had the diagnosis of a pericardial effusion which is considered heart disease since 2010 that has still to date not cleared up. I have had surgery for various reasons and abnormal ECG’s. I have always been one to present for physical’s, check-ups, lab work and proper and if necessary medical attention. I have had many a test and lots of lab work done from 2000 to current day February 2012. As of last year 2011 I have been disease and drug free my entire life’s history and my Alpha I serum levels were within normal range limits.

Today I had a check – up and follow – up visit with my primary care physician of Emory in Newton County. Georgia Heart Specialists faxed over the

troubling Vital Sign Flow Sheet to my physician prior to my meeting with my doctor.

Vital Sign Flow Sheet –

Date: 03/10 03/10 05/10 09/10 03/11

Weight: 146 143 138 143 146

Pulse: 67 73 80 82 65

B/P Left 115/72 107/75 106/74 122/83 124/78

B/P Right 114/77 112/78 99/69

Today, February 24th 2012 I weigh in at 108 lbs.

Diagnostic Testing ordered for next week is as follows:

Diagnostic Bilat – diagnostic mammogram of the left breast where mass palpated upper outer quandrant and of the right breast

CT scans of abdomen and pelvis with and without oral and IV Contrast

CT scans of chest with and without Contrast

CT scans of thorax

Labs tsh with reflex free t4, cbc, cmp, pre-albumin, sed rate

Office Evaluation consisted of:

office visit Comp Metabolic P. CBC – Diff/PLT Sed Rate/Auto TSH with reflex T3 Total Hemocult CARD Venipuncture LP pre – albumin abnormal weight loss Bronch Obstruct Diffuse Exacerb left Breast Mass

My host of tests are going to be conducted next week and then the following week after the testing is when I will be able to obtain the result’s. The week of March the 7th 2012.

So, I have 12 day’s of a living nightmare scare to endure and contend with of the present and upcoming day’s.

Please continue to keep me in mind, thought and prayer’s as many of you have and still do weekly and daily.

For this, I have been and am very fortunate, grateful and blessed. It has been and is most appreciated.

Thank you,

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend, all.

– april

February 2012

February 24th 2012

Spotted some photography I really liked at the physician’s office today. I took a few photograph’s of course.

My primary physician group is a most caring, concerned, helpful, resourceful and friendly group and network of physician’s.

I am due to follow up with Georgia Heart Specialist next Tuesday February 28th 2012 for check – up and follow – up of the

pericardial effusion, heart disease that is still lingering laying in a most tricky, dangerous and precarious position located behind my

heart wall.

Thank you,

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend, all.

– april

February 2012

February 24th 2012


April Fuller Sasser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5EnGwXV_Pg&ob=av2e

John Mayer – Your Body Is A Wonderland

Music video by John Mayer performing Your Body Is A Wonderland.

John Mayer – Your Body Is A Wonderland
Music video by John Mayer performing Your Body Is A Wonderland.

This is my 6:00 a.m. and & 7:00 a.m. breakfast in the a.m.
(2) bottles of Readi – Cat 2 Barium Sulfate Suspension
You drink it.

Can you hardly believe you must drink all this chalky mess?

I do not even like fruity beverages.

And then you get the IV Contrast upon arrival.
Readi – Cat my tail!
This is “Fraidy – Cat!” Barium Sulfate Suspension!


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