Celebs I have met and know(n)

Celebs I have met and know(n)

Do I need an entire page devoted to this topic? Yes, I most certainly think and feel that I do! Thank you so much, – simply, april

So here goes:

(1) Steven Thomas Avery

The Atlanta Braves

down in the Bull Pen with him one afternoon of high school day’s at NCHS

(2) Mr. Peter Simmons

entire Cast & Crew of I’ll Fly Away

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Mr. Peter Simmons as Mr. Paul Slocum (1991), my what a year!


I’ll Fly Away episode 1 (pilot) was released on October 7th 1991 as an introduction to a new series of the same name. I’ll Fly Away is the story of Forrest Bedford, a Southern lawyer in the late 1950s who was generally content with his privileged life. He is dealing with his own complex family issues in a time when things were seemingly simple. But the winds of change are blowing, and he becomes increasingly involved with civil rights cases in the face of the emergence of the struggle for black people’s rights in the Southern USA. Meanwhile Lilly Harper, a bright young black woman who cares for his children, is on her own journey of political and personal awareness. Lilly, a single mother with a small girl, develops her own complex relationship with the Bedford family and they learn to love and depend on her. The beautifully painted portraits were a study the human condition, from Forrest to Lilly, and down thru the ranks of the Bedford children. This highly rated series was the perfect platform for Waterston and Taylor to launch into even more successful careers. Jeremy London emerged as a new heart throb for many young girls while Ashlee Levitch held her own as a powerful young girl. John Aaron Bennett gives an unforgettable performance as the sweet and wholesome youngest Bedford in the family. Sam Waterston stars as Forrest Bedford, Regina Taylor as Lilly Harper, Jeremy London as Nathaniel ‘Nathan’ Bedford, Ashlee Levitch as Francie Bedford, John Aaron Bennett as John Morgan Bedford, Kathryn Harrold as Christina LeKatzis, Peter Simmons as Paul Slocum, RaeVen Larrymore Kelly as Adlaine Harper.

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Who remembers I’ll Fly Away? I played an extra in this film on many occasion! Just thinking of Mr. Peter Simmons who played the role of Mr. Paul Slocum in I’ll Fly Away, 1991. Where is he now a day’s? Anybody, anyone body know? We know each other, and very well, at that! What a year, 1991! With the filming of the Vampire’s had him on my mind and heart! ♥ I did not know, that the boy played this role: >Mr. Peter Simmons as Billy Halstead in The Client, John Grisham’s The ClientTV Series / hmmm, I have clearly not been keeping tab’s on this boy as I so should have been all these year’s, now!
AKAs: Available in our subscription products, click here.
Genres: Adaptation,Drama
Running Time: 60 Minutes.
A series based on the 1994 feature film, “The Client.” Reggie Love, a recovering alcoholic who lost her children in a still-unresolved custody battle, is now an Atlanta-based attorney specializing in….Peter Simmons
John Grisham’s The ClientBilly Halstead
I’ll Fly AwaySlocum1992-1993
I’ll Fly AwayPaul Slocum1991-1992
Party of Five1996-1997
MillenniumJoe Doherty1998-1999
I’ll Fly Away1991-1993
I’ll Fly AwaySlocum1992-1993
Consultants & Advisors
1988 Summer Olympic GamesResearch
Attack and Capture: The Story of U-Boat 505Executive Producer
Century: America’s TimeSenior Producer
Year Title Description
1996 Party of Five: Going, Going, Gone
Season 3, Episode 2 Episode, Actor – Tucker
1995 Best Of The Best 3 Movie, Actor – Owen Tucker
1994 Renaissance Man Movie, Actor – Brian Davis
1993 I’ll Fly Away TV Show Series, Actor – Paul Slocum
1993 Confessions Of Sorority Girls Movie, Actor – Jimmy
*of note: Mercy, is precisely right!
    1. Mercy (2009/I) [Production Designer]
    2. Random Shooting in L.A. (2002) [Actor …. Jamie]
    3. Sand (2000) [Actor …. Andy]
    4. Massholes (2000) [Actor …. Colin Reddy]
  1. “Millennium: Darwin’s Eye (#3.17)” (1999/I) TV Episode [Actor …. Joe Doherty]
  2. Murder Live! (1997) (TV) [Actor …. Brian Fulton]
  3. “Party of Five: Going, Going, Gone (#3.2)” (1996) TV Episode [Actor …. Tucker Blagdon]
  4. “The Client: The Way Things Never Were (#1.10)” (1995) TV Episode [Actor …. Billy Halstead]
  5. Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back (1995) [Actor …. Owen Tucker]
  6. “Northern Exposure: The Graduate (#6.17)” (1995) TV Episode [Actor …. Patrick Dulac]
  7. Confessions of a Sorority Girl (1994) (TV) [Actor …. Jimmy]
    … aka “Confessions of Sorority Girls” – USA (video title)
  8. Renaissance Man (1994) [Actor …. Pvt. Brian Davis, Jr.]

(3) Miss Nina Dobrev

The Vampire Diaries



(4) entire Cast & Crew of The Duke’s of Hazard

(5) entire Cast & Crew of In the Heat of The Night

(6) The Georgia Force & all family member’s (2003 – 2004 Season)

(7) Mr. Dooley of The Georgia Force (2003 – 2004 Season)


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